Louise Thompson rushed back to hospital as fiancé shares latest health update
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 29
TV star Louise Thompson has been admitted to hospital again (Picture: Instagram/@louise.thompson)

is back in hospital , her has revealed.

The fitness influencer and entrepreneur, 33, took to Instagram on Wednesday night to share the news, explaining that he had chosen some headphones to take to her to hopefully cheer her up.

‘Picked up a little gift for Louise earlier this morning. Unfortunately she had to go back into hospital at 3am on Sunday morning and she’s still there,’ he wrote in an Instagram Story.

‘I’m hoping these will transport her to her own little world whilst she’s on the ward recovering,’ Ryan added, showing an array of five different coloured sets of headphones.

Former Made in Chelsea star Louise was in hospital at the start of February, prior to which she revealed that she had been .

Ryan shared a further update alongside , on Thursday morning.

The dad admitted he was simply ‘praying’ they could be together as a family again by the weekend.

Her partner Ryan Libbey shared the news, revealing she had been readmitted in the early hours on Sunday (Picture: Instagram/@ryan.libbey)
Louise had only recently left hospital following a health decline at the start of the year while on holiday (Picture: Instagram/@louise.thompson)

‘He saw a picture of mummy on my phone this morning which really upset him,’ wrote Ryan of Leo. ‘So getting him to this point where he relaxed and gave daddy a kiss took a while today.’

‘Leo is turning into such a compassionate, loving little man – I’m so proud of him (and his mum),’ he added.

‘Praying this weekend we will be home together. Enough tests now – leave us be.’

Louise, also 33, was hospitalised for nearly three weeks after her health rapidly declined while on a family holiday in Antigua.

Ryan posted an emotional update with their little son Leo (Picture: Instagram/@ryan.libbey)

Having no idea when she would be discharged, Ryan brought their toddler to visit around the two-week mark.

Despite initially being unsure whether she wanted her son to see the condition that she was in, Louise later reflected that Leo-Hunter visiting her was ‘pure magic’.

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She added in a social media post that the visit was ‘motivation’ for her to get better and get herself home, after little Leo had been ‘rather angry’ at her the last time she was in hospital the previous January, avoiding her when she got home.

The mum also went on to recall her partner’s own struggles when he visited his mum in hospital after major surgery as a child, which was a memory that ‘still stings him to this day’.

Ryan and Louise welcomed Leo-Hunter together in 2021 (Picture: Getty)

‘Ryan’s not very good with hospital. I don’t judge him for it.

‘That’s one of the reasons why we thought long and hard about bringing Leo in to visit.’

Louise has been incredibly open when speaking about her physical and mental health in recent years.

Since nearly dying while  three years ago, the reality star has been battling post-traumatic stress disorder and post-natal anxiety.

She previously spoke about the worry of having her toddler visit her while in hospital (Picture: Instagram/@louise.thompson)

In January 2022, she admitted that she would 

Later that year, Louise – during her ordeal – revealed she’d , holding back tears as she confirmed blood tests had come back positive for the condition.

Throughout 2023, the MIC alum kept her followers in the loop, explaining how she had been receiving care from gynaecology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and haematology each month.

Reality how alum Louis has now written a book about her experiences called Lucky: Learning to Live Again.

Since a traumatic birth experience with Leo in 2021, Louise has been very open about her health struggles (Picture: Instagram/@louise.thompson)
She shared photos of her ongoing recovery from her last hospital stay at the weekend, which included a visit from her brother Sam (Picture: Instagram/@louise.thompson)

Over the weekend, she shared a look at her recuperation ahead of her current hospital stay, which included a smiley photo while relaxing on the sofa with her brother, I’m A Celebrity winner Sam Thompson, as well as handmade get well soon cards and book delivery visits from her pal Rosie Fortescue, a fellow former Made in Chelsea star.

‘A sweaty and sore 48 hours. But we move. 😊 Recovery isn’t linear and all that jazz. Mission: get through the weekend, then review,’ she captioned her pictures.