Love Island’s Yewande Biala, 26, has never had an orgasm and is calling for better sex education
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 29
Yewande Biala explores the taboo in a new documentary (Picture: Getty Images)

star Yewande Biala revealed that she’s never had an orgasm in her latest taboo-bashing documentary.

As many as one in eight women claim they’ve never had an orgasm, and among them is biochemist, author and reality TV star Yewande, who featured in series five of the hit iTV2 dating show.

The scientist shared her own personal experiences around the topic ahead of

She said: ‘It’s such a defining moment when you are a teen learning about sex in , and sex education teaches about male orgasms but not about female ones.’

She added to : ‘It’s not like I am campaigning. I’m just an ordinary girl who at 26 has never had an orgasm. The programme is just my journey.’

A description for the doc Secrets of The Female Orgasm, reads: ‘Brought up in a strict Catholic family, Yewande struggled with anxiety and shame around sex and she didn’t find out that women could have orgasms until she was 19 or 20.

‘In this one-off film, Secrets of the Female Orgasm, Yewande meets other women, scientists and therapists to hear their stories, research and advice.

Trying out various techniques, experimenting with sex toys and visiting a sex club all form part of her research as she attempts to learn everything there is to know about the complexity of the female orgasm in a bid to experience one herself for the first time.

She said: ‘I learned so much and hopefully I can educate someone or maybe there’s someone that can relate to me or grew up in a religious household or a household that never talks about sex and had a similar journey to me.

Yewande appeared on season five of Love Island (Picture: ITV/REX)

‘I remember one of the things I said to producers was ‘don’t tell me what we’re doing’ because I won’t get a wink of sleep and be thinking about it every single day.’

Before entering Love Island, Yewande had only ever had one boyfriend, which didn’t go very well.

 ‘We broke up four years ago and since then I’ve found it really hard to trust people and date. I got cheated on.

‘He cheated on me with multiple people. It was terrible. I lost so much trust in men.’

Secrets Of The Female Orgasm airs on Thursday at 10pm on Channel 4.