Love Island’s Yewande Biala never masturbated because religious parents told her it was a ‘sin’
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 31
Yewande Biala is exploring a taboo topic in a new documentary (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX)

star has revealed she never tried masturbating after being told by her religious parents that it was a ‘sin’.

The author, biochemist and reality TV star is now breaking down taboos around the topic in an eye-opening documentary.

After , the 23-year-old goes on a journey to figure out why in ’s Secrets of the Female Orgasm.

And perhaps it all has to do with something she was told as a child.

When speaking to a doctor about why she hasn’t had an orgasm, Yewande reveals she’s never tried to masturbate.

When asked if there’s anything that’s ‘stopped’ her trying, she says: ‘I grew up in Ireland, which is obviously a Catholic country, my parents are Catholic and Christian.

‘Sex was never really spoken about in my house.

‘And masturbation is the biggest sin and they would literally tell you that.’

Yewande starred on Love Island in 2019 (Picture: ITV)

She goes on: ‘Because of that, I thought it wasn’t a natural thing to do, and because of that I just never tried it.’

Yewande later reveals that not only was masturbation a taboo topic at home, but she was once punished after her parents incorrectly thought she was having sex.

She says: ‘Sex chat with mum is awkward for most, but when I was 15 my mum grounded me for a whole year because she wrongly believed that I was sexually active.’

Elsewhere in the doc, Yewande attends a class to learn how to finger herself, a women empowering sex party and buys various sex toys.

She eventually confronts her mum about the topic in a difficult conversation, as they discuss why sex wasn’t addressed in their family going up.

‘It’s not sex education, it’s fear-mongering,’ Yewande tells her mum, after hearing her say the things she would have spoken about would have been pregnancy risks.

‘What would you have me talk about then?’ her mum asks her.

Yewande looks back on her childhood as she questions why she hasn’t had an orgasm (Picture: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

She replies: ‘The good things about sex maybe, maybe what you should do.’

‘It’s something really sacred and something really special that has to be done between husband and wife, only,’ her mum eventually tells her, before agreeing that she does think it is a ‘good’ thing to masturbate.

‘You’re making me feel guilty,’ her mum says, to which Yewande replies: ‘Maybe you need to sit with that guilt.’

Ahead of the documentary airing, Yewande said: ‘I learned so much and hopefully I can educate someone or maybe there’s someone that can relate to me or grew up in a religious household or a household that never talks about sex and had a similar journey to me.

‘I remember one of the things I said to producers was “don’t tell me what we’re doing” because I won’t get a wink of sleep and be thinking about it every single day.’

Secrets Of The Female Orgasm airs on Thursday at 10pm on Channel 4.