Madonna claims she ‘paved the road’ after nearly being arrested 3 times during Blonde Ambition tour
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 04
All these years later, she’s still making headlines with her controversial antics (Picture: Getty/Jeff Kravitz)

has claimed that police ‘threatened’ to arrest her on three occasions while she toured in the 1990s.

The Hung Up hitmaker, 63, frequently makes headlines with her antics on and off stage, whether it’s or .

Now, Madonna reckons she ‘paved the road’ for others after she sparked controversy with her Like a Prayer album, which used Catholic imagery.

While touring the world with her third concert tour – titled the Blonde Ambition tour – she says she faced backlash from religious figures, including the Vatican.

Taking to her Instagram Story to reflect on the past, Madge wrote: ‘Police threatened to arrest me three times as I travelled around the world performing Like a Virgin during the Blonde Ambition tour.’

She added: ‘The Vatican cancelled all my shows in Rome! See how I paved the road for you b****es??’.

Madonna is known for her risqué performances (Picture: Getty)

Madonna posted the message alongside a gif of her dancing while on the tour.

One concert in Rome did go ahead on in July 1990, despite protests from Pope John Paul II, who urged members of the public not to attend.

Earlier this year, Madonna asked Pope Francis if she could meet him, stating that she is a ‘good Catholic.’

‘Hello @Pontifex Francis – I’m a good Catholic. I Swear! I mean I don’t Swear!’, she tweeted.

‘It’s been a few decades since my last confession. Would it be possible to meet up one day to discuss some important matters? I’ve been excommunicated three times. It doesn’t seem fair. Sincerely Madonna.’

Her Blond Ambition Tour began in April 1990 in Japan and concluded in August of the same year in France, grossing $62.7million (£51m) at the time.

The American musician’s tour included 57 shows and included a religious section, which showed Madonna pleasuring herself on a bed while a sitar-based version of Like A Virgin played.

She wore a black robe and was surrounded by votive candles, while her dancers, who were dressed like priests and nuns, gyrated around her and uttered the phrase, ‘Oh my God’.

The musician swears that she’s a ‘good Catholic’ (Picture: Getty)

Over two decades later and Madonna is still causing a stir with her performances as, most recently, she sent fans wild while sharing a passionate kiss with rapper Tokischa during a risqué performance in NYC.

The Like A Prayer songstress was joined by the 26-year-old for a performance that was part of Madonna’s Finally Enough Love club date.

Tokischa and Madonna went in for a rather intense kiss at the end, before Madonna slapped Tokischa’s bum as she walked off the stage.

As to be expected, the crowd went crazy when the heavy kiss happened, with the ladies physically unable to get any closer as they grabbed onto one another.