Man crawling into mother-in-law’s bed after fight with his wife leaves people ‘sickened’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 24

Just when fans thought that sMothered couldn’t get weird enough, Trevor St Agathe , India, after a fight with his wife.

The TLC show has given us all a front row seat into the extremely close bond the star has with the mother of his pregnant partner, DeLeesa – who previously appeared on the Circle.

In a snippet for the current season, he was , leaving many turned off.

Things took a bizarre turn in the latest episode as DeLeesa, who was very close to giving birth to their third child, suggested that India should find her own place to live as their family expanded.

‘Either she goes or y’all both can go. You don’t understand how stressed I am about the situation,’ she warned.

‘I’m not disputing her having to go for us to get some peace,’ her husband hit back. ‘I’m just disputing the timeframe, that’s it. You want her to go in two months, I think that doesn’t work.

Trevor St Agathe’s relationship with wife DeLeesa took a turn on sMothered (Picture: TLC)

‘You should be happy that I’m even agreeing with you that she needs to go. You’re never satisfied. You want me to agree with you, I agree with you, you find something else to be mad about.’

DeLeesa reached a breaking point and gathered Trevor’s belongings on the floor, before throwing clothes at him, in a move he deemed ‘childish’.

Having none of it, she ordered him to leave their bedroom, instructing him to ‘go sleep with his best friend’.

‘As a matter of fact, if you’re going to talk to me like that, I’m leaving,’ he replied. ‘You know better than to talk to me like that. I’m not going to stand here and listen to it.’

DeLeesa and Trevor had a huge row in the latest episode(Picture: TLC)

He stormed out and promptly knocked on India’s door, and she happily invited him in.

‘Sorry, looks like I’m sleeping with you tonight though,’ Trevor told his mother-in-law, before climbing into bed beside her.

When asked that happened, he explained: ‘The usual … I didn’t come down here to get all into it, I came down here because I need a break from it.’

The pair shared the screen in an on-camera interview, where a producer asked the question on all our minds.

Trevor crawled into bed with his mother-in-law in bizarre scenes (Picture: TLC)
India insisted that they hadn’t ever been intimate(Picture: TLC)

‘Have you two ever had an intimate relationship?,’ they queried.

After an excruciatingly long pause, both India and Trevor vowed that there had never been anything romantic between them.

‘We never had an intimate relationship,’ India insisted. ‘That’s just nasty. You’re my son!

‘That’s just gross!’

The pair were questioned about the nature of their bond (Picture: TLC)

Viewers watching on from home couldn’t get over the scenes, and flocked to social media to unpack their extremely close bond.

‘Trevor going to sleep in India’s room is icky,’ a Reddit user posted.

‘I can’t watch Trevor in the mother-in-law it is the most sickening thing ever [sic],’ another agreed.

One begged for it to be revealed that the trio were acting, penning: ‘I really hope Trevor and the mom in law are just really good actors cuz they be giving each other looks that are just crazy to see lol [sic].’

DeLeesa reached a breaking point in the scenes (Picture: TLC)

‘Well I mean he did leave his bed to go sleep in a bed with her that had no sheets on it. Very weird,’ a viewer replied.

‘Even if it is fake, very weird. Why would you want to pretend to be this attached to her mother? Especially when she isn’t this attached to her own mother.’

‘Watching Trevor and his mom in law’s relationship literally makes me nauseous #Smothered,’ a commenter posted on Twitter.

‘I know Trevor did not go get in his MIL bed! #smothered,’  a follower said.

As one added: ‘Trevor and India are gross in every way imaginable!! DeLeesa can’t take the craziness anymore! #sMothered.’

Elsewhere in the segment, DeLeesa said in a confessional that she was no longer going to be taken for granted by her family members.

‘I love Trevor so much but I think there’s certain times that you need to let your spouse know that you’re serious, and you’re not going to be taken for granted anymore,’ she warned.

Hopefully, she is able to stand her ground before things get even weirder…

sMothered airs on Tuesdays at 10pm ET on TLC.