Mark Wahlberg still has his prosthetic penis from Boogie Nights but it’s safely locked away: ‘It’s not something I can leave out!’
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 13
Mark has kept hold of a special, erm, keepsake from the movie (Picture: Getty/Rex)

has revealed he still has his fake penis from the 1997 film Boogie Nights.

The 50-year-old actor starred in the movie about a waiter-turned-adult film star and admitted he still has the fake penis he used to play the well-endowed Dirk Diggler but keeps it ‘locked away’ to avoid any awkward situations.

Asked if he still had the prosthetic in his possession, he said: ‘Yes, yes. It’s in a safe locked away.’

‘It’s not something I can leave out, like if my kids were looking for the spare phone charger and pulled that thing out – it would not be a good look!’ he added.

, who has Ella, 18, Michael, 16, Brendan, 13, , with his wife Rhea Durham, went on to explain that he believes that his eldest daughter has seen the movie but is ‘sparing’ him the conversation about it.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, he shared: ‘I think Ella has seen it. But she has not had the conversation with me, thank God! She’s sparing me!’

The actor starred as Dirk Diggler in an early major role (Picture: Moviestore/Rex/Shutterstock)
The character was known to be well endowed, so Wahlberg wore a fake penis to reflect that (Picture: Warner Bros./New Line Cinema)

The Oscar-nominated star was then asked by 54-year-old Ellen to name the host of the ‘best’ party he had attended in Hollywood and was quick to name late director Penny Marshall before revealing that he was once ‘thrown out’ of a get-together .

‘Her and Carrie Fisher used to have their annual party, one was at Penny’s, one was at Carrie’s every other year,’ he recalled. ‘Oh God, [Carrie’s mother] Debbie Reynolds threw me out once the ear one year!’

He also attributed his acting success to Marshall, saying he ‘met everyone in the business’ through her.

‘I would not have a career if it wasn’t for her,’ he stated, sharing that she had given him his first acting role in 1994’s Renaissance Man.

The Hollywood star recently gave insight into gaining weight for his role – which , reverting back to washboard abs thanks to his punishing workout regime – in the upcoming movie Father Stu, which included the rather drastic measure of .

Admitting that ‘none of it was fun’, the actor was forced to go to great lengths to add on the weight as he only had six weeks to complete his transformation ahead of shooting.

Father Stu sees him play amateur boxer Stuart Long, whose career hits a rough patch when he is injured, leading him on the journey to becoming a priest.

Father Stu is scheduled to hit UK cinemas on May 13.