Mark Wright unveils major change at home and accepts wife Michelle Keegan was right
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 14, 2023 - 10:17PM

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan are making some big changes to their luxury home, and they’re taking us along for the ride.

Former Towie star Mark, 36, is thewith , and the pair are online.

The couple , from getting grass to grow in the lawn to putting down absolutely giant plant pots that .

Now Mark has revealed the couple have agreed on a major change to their sitting room, after initially disagreeing about which direction to take with it.

Taking to Instagram, Mark shared a video clip of their sitting room, which looks out on to the dining room and the garden beyond, and is esentially open plan even though it seems cosier and more hidden.

‘Do we have doors here or not?’ Mark asked his followers.

There was a big debate in the Wright-Keegan household… (Picture: wrightyhome)
The couple have been making their dream home from scratch for the last 18 months (Picture: Shutterstock for NTA)

‘I think it looks better when you walk in and see all the way through, but Michelle’s point of view is that when you’re on the couch it’s always more homely if you shut yourself in a little bit.’

He didn’t wait for followers’ opinions however, as the camera then switches to show workmen installing sleek doors made of black steel and with large, shining panes of glass.

Mark was obviously pleased with the finished product, sounding absolutely chuffed as he laughed: ‘Oh, I don’t mind it. I like it!’

Mark was instantly impressed with the new instalment (Picture: wrightyhome)
The black steel doors had Mark admitting Michelle was right the whole time (Picture: wrightyhome)
The final product was undeniable snazzy (Picture: wrightyhome)

He added: ‘I think the missus, as always, was right on this one. That has literally changed the game.’

Mark finished by giving the full effect of the new doors, walking from his sitting room into the dining room, with the sweeping garden and countryside visible below.

The TV stars have been working on their new home for over 18 months, having built the countryside mansion from scratch.

They previously had a pool installed, which was the envy of all of us when the recent September heatwave sizzled the UK for a whole week.

Mark shared a sweet snap of him making the most of their one instalment with a post on Instagram, showing him splashing about with his toddler nephew before relaxing on a lilo.