Matt Lucas told Noel Fielding to ‘f**k off’ during Great British Bake Off ‘breakdown’
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 22
Noel Fielding confessed his co-star swore at him on Bake Off (Picture: Channel 4)

The may seem like an innocent baking show but drama lurks beneath as reveals his co-star had some choice words for him.

Usually, wholesome stories arise from the celebrity version of the beloved show, including some of Heartstopper ’s biscuits for his daughter.

However, Noel had a less-than-polite encounter with his former co-star , who surprisingly left.

The 50-year-old presenter, has been hosting the show since 2017 and is set to return in spring for the alongside fellow host .

As judges and prepare to eat hundreds of cakes, pastries, and biscuits, Noel revealed the tense moment Matt, 49, swore at him.

Speaking to and on their , Noel confessed he wings it on the show and just enjoys getting ‘deeper and deeper into the madness of baking’.

It was actually his co-hot Matt Lucas while he was baking (Picture: Channel Four/Mark Bourdillon)
Matt appeared on the Stand Up To Cancer version after celeb dropouts (Picture: Channel Four/Mark Bourdillon)

‘When I was there, Matt was on because there were loads of dropouts,’ James began, prompting laughter from the Mighty Boosh star.

‘He was having a breakdown, he told me to f**k off at one point,’ shared Noel with a chuckle. ‘I just came out and I was laughing at him and he was like “oh f**k off”.’

Realising what he’d said, the immediately said: ‘I’m really sorry, I’m just really stressed.’

Noel replied: ‘I was like “Are you joking?” but it really got to him. I think he felt extra pressure because he was supposed to be good or something.’

Despite hosting the show, the comedian had refused to fill in for any of the dropped-out celebrities of which there were many in the 2019 season.

Having also been on Celebrity Bake Off, James added that had to fill in for on his season after he collapsed on day one of his series.

James Acaster also starred on the show with some memorable disasters (Picture: Channel 4)
Big Narstie’s collapse left a gap in the line up (Picture: Channel 4)

The 38-year-old rapper’s health scare in 2019 left him hospitalised and prompted a major lifestyle change and a fitness journey.

‘I couldn’t lift my legs up high. I couldn’t bend. It had been years since I’ve stretched,’ he confessed to in a .

On the podcast, Noel added: ‘If you ever think you’re loose doing comedy, Big Narstie, he’s so funny but I really don’t know how he gets from A to B. It’s remarkable.

He then shared the incredible tidbit that the star had thought he was ‘Neil from the Young Ones’, adding: ‘That was in the 80s, I’d be like 90.’

Despite correcting him, the presenter replied: ‘Yeah, yeah, Neil’ to which Noel just agreed as ‘reality is whatever he says’.

Celebrity Bake Off returns later this year on Channel 4.