Meet the parents of Drew Sidora: Rev. Jeanette and Dr. Robert Jordan
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Meet the parents of Drew Sidora: Rev. Jeanette and Dr. Robert Jordan

Drew Sidora

The parents of Drew Sidora, i.e., her mother Jeanette and father Robert Jordan, have drawn a lot of interest from admirers. To find out more about her personal and family life, continue reading below.

Drew Sidora, an American actress and singer, is well-known for playing Chantel on a regular basis in the Disney Channel Original Series That’s So Raven. She debuted on The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo in 2020.

Over the years, Sidora contributed to numerous advertisements. Drew lived in the Richard Pryor Theater in Hollywood, California, and was the newest member of the “Hook Players Theater Ensemble.”

At the age of nine, she co-starred with Nicole Ari Parker, Lisa Nicole Carson, and Khalil Kain in the Fox TV film Divas. Sidora appeared in Girlfriends in 2006 in addition to That’s So Raven, Step Up, and Blessed & Cursed as a High School Girl Group recruiter.

Are Robert Jordan and Jeanette Jordan, Drew Sidora’s parents, still alive?

Jeanette and Robert Jordan gave birth to Drew Sidora. Her father is an M.D. pediatrician, and her mother served as a pastor for a ministry called Journey to the Cross. The reports indicate that they are still alive.

In 2021, Drew and Jeanette were residing in their 9,220 square foot dream home. Drew’s parents had five kids together throughout the course of their 55-year marriage.

At Rush Presbyterian Hospital, Robert was the first black chief resident in pediatrics. Her father spent ten years in the post office before working at the hospital.

On the other hand, the Far South Side Community Health Center was founded by her parents as well. It was established with the intention of offering extra services to the neighborhood, such as medical and educational outreach.

Who Are the Siblings of Drew Sidora?

Bryan, Allison, Christa, and Edilah are the four siblings who raised Drew Sidora. Unlike Drew, they have been pursuing their careers outside of the media.

According to the story, Allison, one of her sisters, is her manager. Allison recently gained attention after she dispelled suspicions about her sister’s relationship.

Jordan also advised folks who were questioning her sister’s relationship with Lebron James to do their homework before speaking out.

Her other siblings have all been leading quiet lives away from the spotlight.

Drew Sidora, an American actress, what is her net worth?

As of 2022, Drew Sidora’s projected net worth is $2 million. Famous American actress Sidora started acting before she was a teenager.

She starred in the Fox TV film Divas when she was nine years old alongside Khalil Kain, Lisa Nicole Carson, and Nicole Ari Parker. Additionally, she was the newest member of the “Hook Players Theater Ensemble” in Hollywood at the time.

While dwelling at the Richard Pryor Theater, Sidora reportedly finished a number of industrial films, according to Metacritic. As Chantel on the Disney Channel series That’s So Raven, Sidora first gained notoriety.

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