Megan Fox’s ‘graphic and unsettling’ new book of poetry sounds intense
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 07, 2023 - 12:18AM
Megan Fox is set to release her new book of poems (Picture: Getty)

Megan Fox has teased that some aspects of her upcoming poetry book are ‘unsettling’ for people to read.

The Transformers actress Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, on Tuesday.

Some poems are said to be inspired by the 37-year-old’s own life, while others are ‘allegorical’ – but all include themes that women can relate to.

Speaking ahead of the release, the mom-of-three, , confessed that many weren’t sent over to anyone for approval due to the dark nature.

‘I didn’t even bother sending the majority of what I wrote to my editor because they were too graphic and unsettling for others to read,’ she said in a new interview.

Despite this, Megan isn’t worried about the idea of the public reading her work.

‘I’ve been in the public eye for a long time and my career has been one long witch hunt. So nervous? No,’ she continued to .

‘I expect a mixture of admiration and vitriol from the public.’

Discussing the theme of toxic dynamics through some of her poetry, the Expendables 4 actress insisted that relationships can be ‘complicated’.

‘For most of us it’s not a fairy tale. Relationships are not pretty. They are ugly. Sometimes they are a war,’ she added. ‘But through a wound enters an opportunity to grow and become a stronger more whole version of yourself.’

Megan is currently dating Machine Gun Kelly (Picture: Getty)

Megan put pen to paper for her debut, which lands on shelves later this week and includes more than 70 poems.

The official synopsis reads: ‘Megan Fox showcases her wicked humor throughout a heartbreaking and dark collection of poetry.

‘Over the course of more than seventy poems Fox chronicles all the ways in which we fit ourselves into the shape of the ones we love, even if it means losing ourselves in the process.

‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous marks the powerful debut from one of the most well-known women of our time. Turn the page, bite the apple, and sink your teeth into the most deliciously compelling and addictive books you’ll read all year.’

The actress is releasing Pretty Boys Are Poisonous this week (Picture: Getty)

Megan announced Pretty Boys Are Poisonous in August, explaining that she found the process of writing to be ‘freeing’.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, she added: ‘These poems were written in an attempt to excise the illness that had taken root in me because of my silence.

‘I’ve spent my entire life keeping the secrets of men, my body aches from carrying the weight of their sins.

‘My freedom lives in these pages and I hope that my words can inspire others to take back their happiness and their identity by using their voice to illuminate what’s been buried, but not forgotten, in the darkness.’