Midnight Suns is morbin’ it up with Morbius – no sign of Jared Leto
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 26, 2022 - 08:19PM
Midnight Suns – if this face is not a meme by the end of the month, we’ll be disappointed (pic: Firaxis)

One of ’s biggest memes looks to be joining the Midnight Suns roster as DLC, though probably not because of his joke status.

Sony was clearly confident that its would take the world by storm, and technically speaking it did. Just not in the way that the company expected.

What is, in all honesty, a vapid, dismal bore of a superhero flick became a pop culture icon through the power of sheer irony and a fake catchphrase – it’s Morbin’ time – that’s more fondly quoted than any of the movie’s actual dialogue.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the line is said out loud in the upcoming Marvel strategy game Midnight Suns, now that Morbius himself has been confirmed for it.

Last week, the game’s official YouTube channel was ‘hijacked’ by fan favourite Deadpool, who has asked fans to request that he be added to the game and has been ‘leaking’ information until developer Firaxis complies.

His most recent leak is artwork of Morbius decked out in an original gold and black outfit (which matches the same costumes featured in the game), as well as a close-up photo of Morbius smiling. Which is quite frankly far more terrifying than any of the faces Jared Leto pulled in the movie.

Midnight Suns – hopefully his portrayal here will be far more flattering and better PR for the character (pic: Firaxis)

Firaxis is no doubt aware of Morbius’ meme status. Sony certainly was, which is why it did a second cinema run to try and make some extra money, to make up for it bombing the first time round (spoilers: it flopped again).

However, Morbius’ inclusion in Midnight Suns makes perfect sense. The game is dealing with the more supernatural side of the Marvel universe, with the primary antagonists being an army of demons.

Morbius’ origins are more rooted in science than magic but, being a pseudo-vampire, he’s dealt with the supernatural before and was one of the founding members of the Midnight Sons team in the comics, which the game takes inspiration from.

This whole ‘leaking’ business is an obvious, if mildly humorous form of marketing to drum up excitement for both the game and its DLC.

The full roster of 13 characters has already (mostly) been revealed, so the likes of Morbius and Deadpool are no doubt coming post-launch. Knowing this, we bet good money on Deadpool being the one to quote ‘It’s Morbin time’ if the two ever interact.

These aren’t the only two characters to be confirmed either. Deadpool’s ‘leaks’ have also included X-Men member Storm and Spider-Man’s arch enemy Venom, the latter of which is already in Midnight Suns as one of its primary villains.

You can find the artwork for them via the .

Midnight Suns launches for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC on December 2.

The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch versions will release at a later date.

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