Monster: What happened to Tracy Edwards the man who escaped Jeffrey Dahmer?
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Ever wanted to know what happened to Tracy Edwards? (Picture: Rex / Twitter / Netflix / Backgrid)

has shocked viewers since its release on .

It tells the story of Jeffrey Dahmer, a Milwaukee serial killer who was convicted of killing 17 victims, all male, between the years 1978 and 1991.

The crime drama sees  star  take on the role of Dahmer, who has been applauded for his performance.

The first episode of the series shows viewers what happened on the night Jeffrey Dahmer was finally caught and arrested, ending his reign of terror.

We see the capture through the eyes of Tracy Edwards, the man who escaped Dahmer alive and led police to his apartment, resulting in his arrest in 1991 and incarceration the following year.

But who is Tracy Edwards and where is he now?

Who is Tracy Edwards?

Tracy Edwards met Dahmer when he was 32 years old.

Edwards was just 32 when he came into contact with Dahmer (Picture: Twitter)
He met Dahmer in a bar along with two other men (Picture: Twitter)

On July 22, 1991, Edwards and two other men met the serial killer in a bar in Milwaukee when Dahmer offered them $100 (£91) to come back to his apartment.

Edwards accepted the offer and joined Dahmer at his apartment.

Shaun J. Brown portrays Edwards in the Netflix series.

How did he escape Jeffrey Dahmer?

Once in Dahmer’s apartment, Edwards became wary of him when he attempted to handcuff him before brandishing a knife at him, the reported.

He was led into Dahmer’s bedroom under the pretenses of watching a film, but when the killer was distracted, Edwards struck his head before fleeing his apartment.

From there, he flagged down two Milwaukee police officers who accompanied him back to Dahmer’s apartment.

The officers discovered polaroid pictures of dismembered victims, and later found body parts including two full skeletons.

Dahmer was arrested and later admitted to his grisly crimes.

What happened to Tracy Edwards after Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested?

Tracy Edwards would go on to testify against Dahmer in court in 1992, playing a key role in the legal proceedings that led to his conviction.

Edwards explained during court testimony that Dahmer was ‘not the same person’ he met at the bar when he had been taken into the bedroom. 

‘His face structure seemed different…It was like, it wasn’t him anymore,’ he said.

Dahmer pleaded guilty to 16 counts of murder for which he received 16 life sentences.

Where is Tracy Edwards now?

After being hailed a hero for putting an end to Dahmer’s killing spree, Edwards found himself in trouble with the law.

In 2011, he was charged with homicide after being arrested alongside another man on suspicion of throwing a man, Jonny Jordan, to his death from a bridge.

Caption: What happened to Tracy Edwards the man who escaped Jeffrey Dahmer? Credit: Twitter

In 2012 he pled guilty to a reduced charge of aiding a felon and spent a year and a half in prison, and two years of extended supervision.

According to , Edwards faced several police charges including theft, drug possession, property damage, and failure to pay child support.

reported that at the time of his arrest, Edwards was unhoused and had been moving between different shelters since at least 2002.

Edwards’ defense attorney, Paul Ksicinsk, said Edwards’ described his life as ‘like Humpty Dumpty’ after encountering Dahmer.

‘It’s like he was never able to put the pieces back together again,’ he said.

It is currently unknown what Tracy Edwards is doing now.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is available to stream on Netflix.