‘Mortified’ Kim Basinger ‘hid in corner and drank wine’ at daughter Ireland Baldwin’s strip club baby shower
Posted by  badge Boss on May 09
Ireland Baldwin lifted the lid on her unique baby shower (Picture: FilmMagic)

Ireland Baldwin has given fans a glimpse into her baby shower, revealing that mom Kim Basinger was left ‘mortified’ by her unique plans.

The model, daughter of , is with musician boyfriend Rac, and has shared glimpses of her pregnancy on .

Ahead of her due date, the 27-year-old appeared on ’s High Low to share the interesting way she opted to celebrate her baby shower at Jumbo’s Clown Room, .

‘I would say I’m definitely not a very traditional person, so the idea of a baby shower for me was out of the question,’ she told the host, explaining that her ‘friend and cousin’ threw the party for her.

‘I hate attention, I hate sitting in a circle and opening presents and talking to a bunch of people just didn’t seem ideal.

‘I thought, why not a strip club where everyone would be rather distracted?

Kim Basinger was left ‘mortified’ at the party (Picture: WireImage)

‘It worked, it was great. We had an open bar … I was hoping everyone would be wasted and have a great time. This place is pretty legendary in LA so it was amazing.’

When asked about how Kim reacted to the scene, she continued: ‘My mom is pretty open but I would say she was totally mortified.

‘She watched me and my boyfriend get lap dances from eight strippers on the stage, and I think she was just like, “What is happening right now?”’

Emily couldn’t help but ask whether her mother got a lap dance, with Ireland laughing: ‘She didn’t even know what to do with the money.

Ireland is set to give birth to her first child very soon (Picture: Instagram)

‘First of all, she threw a crumpled dollar bill as fast and as hard as she could, she just yanked it because she was so scared.

‘She just hid in a corner and ordered pinot grigio at the bar.’

Ireland confirmed her baby news with partner Rac, real name Andre Allen Anjos, on New Year’s Eve, and late revealed that they already have a fitting name picked out for their daughter, choosing to call her Holland.

Ireland recently confirmed the name she had picked out for the little one (Picture: Instagram)

She had previously shared her motherhood journey on social media, , due to unsolicited advice she had received.

‘I hate people who go out of their way to instill fear in others,’ she wrote on Instagram last month. ‘I don’t care if you think this is someone who is trying to be helpful… It isn’t. My hands aren’t swollen. My body is… pregnant.

‘My cheeks and my face have been puffy my whole life. My blood pressure is normal. My blood work is normal. I’m fine.

‘Not that I feel obligated to / like I’m so important and this is some grand announcement, but I’ve decided to keep the remainder of my pregnancy as private as possible as well as my daughter/her life and all of the things.

‘I shared tidbits here and there because I enjoyed connecting with people, feeling less alone at times, etc… but social media makes me miserable. You can only block so many frightening/ judgemental/ deranged low lifes in a day [sic].’