My Mum, Your Dad full line up as Davina McCall ITV dating show gets underway
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Will any of the single parents find love – and what will their kids think? (Picture: ITV)

hosts new dating show – better known as for the middle-aged – which gets underway tonight (September 11).

The show will feature single parents nominated by their grown-up offspring, and they’ll be thrown together in a , complete with indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub and tennis courts.

What the parents don’t know is that their sons and daughters will be secretly watching them.

‘Unbeknownst to the parents, their kids will be watching their every move from a nearby location called The Bunker,’ ITV explained.

The daters will be under constant surveillance and their children will essentially be playing Cupid.

So who are the daters?

Let’s find out.


Monique admits she can be a tad tactless (Picture: ITV)

Monique, from Winchmore Hill in London, is a therapist.

The 50-year-old admits: ‘I find it hard to read somebody properly. On a date I’m very honest and that can be quite offensive.

‘Dating in my 20s I just wanted to be loved, and I had very poor judgement. I always gave people a chance. Dating now is more about how the person makes me feel in their presence, the memories you can build and whether there’s a connection.

Monique’s daughter, Taiya

Taiya wants her mum to be less picky (Picture: ITV)

Taiya is 21 and a student from north London.

She says: ‘Mum’s definitely been unlucky in the past. I used to think it was because she was very picky but she hasn’t found someone that matches her vibe.

‘A lot of the time I do tell her not to be so fussy. She’s put everything aside to raise me and my sister for so many years and now is my mum’s time.’


Sharon is from Sunderland (Picture: ITV)

Sharon, 53, is a welfare officer from Sunderland.

She says: ‘I’ve got to a point in my life where my confidence has been knocked down a lot and I’ve got low self-esteem.

‘I like an activity date, Crazy golf, or bowling…I would love to do a skydive! I want someone who can lift me up if I’m having a bad day.’

Sharon’s daughter, Tia

Tia wants her mum to go for a ‘Dad bod’ (Picture: ITV)

Tia, 24, is a social media influencer from Sunderland.

She says: Mum obviously doesn’t go out there looking for the wrong guys but she attracts them. She goes more for looks so I want her to go for a “dad bod” for a change and not to go for the six-pack men.

‘Also she’s been hurt so much that she has the biggest wall up and I think she needs to let her guard down.’


Natalie is taking part with her son (Picture: ITV)

Relationship recovery coach Natalie, 44, will be going into the mansion udner the watchful eye of her son.

Natalie, from Bournemouth, says: ‘I’ve been on my own for a long time, building my business and focusing on my kids. My dating history has been a colourful shambles. I don’t want my children to have to watch me kiss on screen – it’s the noises.

‘My celebrity crush is Channing Tatum because he can dance, Tom Hardy for his ruggedness and Idris Elba for his smoothness, plus he’s a great actor.’

Natalie’s son, Kaliel

Kaliel can’t bear his mum’s Top Boy impressions (Picture: ITV)

Kaliel, 20 is a gas and plumbing apprentice from Bournemouth.

He says ‘I think she will be embarrassed that I’ve been watching her, cringing at all the things I’ve seen!

‘I want her to find someone and be happy. She’s probably picked the wrong people who don’t have the same morals and aren’t on the same path as she is.

‘Her Top Boy impressions cringe me out!’


Caroline wants to meet someone smiley aand kind (Picture: ITV)

Caroline, 51, is a scan assistant at a baby clinic and is from south Lanarkshire.

She says: ‘I’ve had a colourful dating history, but I’m a bad judge of character. I’d like to meet someone genuine with good morals who smiles a lot.

‘I haven’t been on a date for ages. When you’re younger you’re a bit focused on looks and bypass the rubbish personality they have. Now I’m focused on what they’re like as a person.

‘I want someone who treats everyone with kindness.’

Caroline’s daughter, Karli


Karli, 20, is a flight attendant from South Lanarkshire.

She says: ‘Mum is kind and loyal, bubbly with lots of energy. She needs a best friend. She doesn’t get out much and can judge too quickly sometimes.

‘She loves dogs so maybe an animal person. Someone very kind and loyal with lots of energy. Mum’s bubbly and a people person.’


Businessman Paul says he’s never found ‘the one’ (Picture: ITV)

Paul, 47, from Bath, owns a decorating company.

He says: ‘My issue has been not opening up. I want to find someone that’s on my wavelength, someone to question me and challenge me.

‘I think I’m a good date, to be fair. I’ve always gone back for a second date and its progressed. There’s nothing nicer than both being on the same page and looking into the future as if it’s going to go somewhere.’

Paul’s daughter, Mazey

Mazey says her dad has a ‘good energy’ (Picture: ITV)

Mazey is 21 and a university student from bath.

She says: ‘He’s relaxed and laid-back – he’s got a million hobbies.

‘He appreciates someone who is motivated and has got ambition and direction. Dad’s only been dating on things like apps, so that really limits it to where they live, age and what they look like. I want to see him settled.’


Clayton is taking part with his son, Christian (Picture: ITV)

Clayton, 57, from Nottingham is a pastoral support officer.

He says: ‘Dating has been a little bit hit and miss. I get really excited and get fully invested and it just goes.

‘I’m pretty straight-talking and there’s a cheeky side to me. Nothing is worse than someone being false and I can pick up on that quite easily.’

Clayton’s son, Christian

Christian wants his dad to meet a woman with culture (Picture: ITV)

Christian, 35, is a graphic artist from Nottingham.

He says: ‘Maybe if my dad is with a group of females he’ll get tips on where he’s gone wrong. He needs someone who has drive, traditional and with manners. A patient woman with a bit of culture as we’re a big Jamaican family.

‘There are a lot of pretty women out there but they can be mean on the inside. You’ve got to have attraction but don’t let that fool you.’


Will postman Roger find his soul mate? (Picture: ITV)

Roger, 58 is a Derbyshire postman

Roger says: ‘Following my wife passing 18 months ago, I didn’t really want to meet anyone. But I’m going on the show to get some confidence. I know I’m laying myself bare.

‘Jess’s mum was really thoughtful and Jess has got that. It was such a lovely thing for her to say: “Dad, we understand that you’re struggling…and we know you’ve got a lot of love to give and we’re OK if you were to see someone else.”‘

Roger’s daughter, Jess

Jess wants her dad to move on from the loss of her mum (Picture: ITV)

Jess is a 28-year old planner with Network Rail.

She says: ‘My brother and sister and I wanted to tell him that we were happy for him to start dating. He’s funny, handsome and caring. He needs someone with a sense of humour.

‘He’s not had any dating experience. I think it’ll be quite emotional for him, and that in the back of his head he’s worrying about me and what I’m really thinking.’


Elliott (far right) doing some male bonding with his mansion-mates (Picture: ITV)

Elliott, 53, is a PE teacher from Essex.

Elliott says:  ‘I’m a dating disaster – I took someone on a date to a bathroom shop sale once.

‘My life has turned into a routine of getting up, brushing teeth, going to work, cooking dinner and going to bed.

‘My ideal date would be meeting someone for coffee and then by 1am you’re still out. People who don’t date past the age of 40 have got no idea what it’s like. It was so easy when you were younger.’

Elliott’s son, Zachary

Elliott says dating over 40 is much harder (Picture: ITV)

Zachary, 21, is a university student from Essex.

He adds: ‘My dad is a massive overthinker and probably quite impatient with the process of dating. But he’s extremely caring, passionate, heartfelt, decent-looking and active.

‘He’s maybe being a little bit selfish with his routine and not wanting to give that up.’


Janey says her son has ‘lost all hope’ for her (Picture:ITV)

Janey is a 47-year-old recruitment manager and singer from West Sussex.

She says: ‘My son’s lost all hope for me, he thinks I’m undateable! I’ve lived alone with William for pretty much his whole life and he’s now left for uni and wants to see that I’m OK.

‘Humour, kindness and trust are the number one thing for me. My first online date was about 18 years ago and he knew I loved ABBA so he’d booked Mamma Mia! The Musical in the West End. Sadly no chemistry but blimey 10/10 for effort.’

Janey’s son, Will

Will says his mum’s dating is ‘desperate’ (Picture: ITV)

Will, 19, is a student from West Sussex.

He says: ‘It’s getting a bit desperate now! We need a good chance of getting her to find someone and if it takes me to get involved, then that’s apparently how dire things have got.

‘She’s an outgoing chatty lady who’s up for a drink.

‘They’ll need to want to dive in at the deep end, be someone that’s loving in general, and puts her first.’

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