Netflix star ‘won’t be able to move much for some time’ after motorbike crash
Posted by  badge Boss on May 14
A star of the Netflix series Money Heist was injured in a motorbike crash (Picture: Tamara Arranz Ramos)

A star has revealed he was rushed to hospital.

Actor Miguel Herran, 28, is best known for starring in the Spanish TV series’ Élite and .

In teen drama Elite he played Christian Varela, while he starred as young hacker Aníbal Cortés, codename Rio, in .

That show, , eventually ended in 2021.

However Miguel has now revealed he was rushed to hospital after a serious crash last week, which also left fans concerned after he failed to show up for a film event.

At the time his girlfriend Celia Pedraza informed reporters that he had been involved in an accident, with the actor now sharing more details.

Miguel Herran shared this photo from hospital (Picture: Miguel Herran/ Instagram)

Posting a photo in a hospital bed while wearing a neck brace, he wrote the following for his 11.8 million followers.  

‘I had a motorcycle accident by myself. I wasn’t going very fast, and everything turned out well. I underwent surgery on my right shoulder, and I will have to spend some time without being able to move around much. But I’m fine,’ he said.

The actor then thanked the CEMTRO Clinic in Madrid for taking good care of him and performing ‘such a wonderful operation and for leaving every bone in its place’.

He also posted a photo of his motorbike after the crash (Picture: Miguel Herran/ Instagram)

He continued: ‘Thanks to my protective gear, I only suffered a dislocation of my collarbone.’

When sharing the news of the crash with the public, Miguel’s partner said he was ‘at home, doing well and getting better little by little’.

In January, the couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter called Maria.

However, this isn’t the first scary incident the actor has suffered in recent years.

The actor said he was now ‘getting better little by little’ (Picture: Miguel Herran/ Instagram)

In 2022 he was caught up in a horrific house fire that destroyed his apartment and left him with no alternative but to jump out of his bedroom window to escape.

He shared at the time: ‘Thanks to everyone, especially the Avila firefighters and the security of my urbanization.

‘The losses have been material… and as a good friend of mine says, first world problems…It caught me when I was asleep, and I woke up with the sound of my house burning. I escaped through the window of my room.’

He then explained the ceiling had fallen through in multiple rooms in his flat.

Money Heist is streaming on Netflix.