Netflix viewers are all raving about a dark new thriller with ‘absolutely stellar cliffhangers’
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 28, 2023 - 06:01PM

A new thriller has taken by , and about it.

From the streaming platform that’s given us the likes of and , a has just launched, and people are hooked.

Based on M. T. Edvardsson’s novel, A Nearly Normal Family follows the Sandell family, lawyer Ulrika (Lo Kauppi), priest Adam (Bjorn Bengtsson) and their teenage daughter Stella.

Their lives are turned upside down when Stella (played by Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors) is charged with the murder of her boyfriend, 15 years her senior.

Across the six-part series, Stella’s and her parents’ lives unravel as their own secrets are revealed, while they try to keep their picture-perfect family together and protect their daughter.

Meanwhile, viewers are left trying to figure out whether Stella really is the murderer, or if she’s been wrongly accused.

Viewers are all binging this new series (Picture: Netflix)

And it has viewers obsessed, with one urging: ‘Y’all need to watch this!! Finished in a day.’

Others awarded the series ’10/10′, with another fan echoing: ‘I binged it last night. Pretty good IMO.’

‘I loved it! It was so good :) binged it all in one night,’ someone else wrote on Reddit.

Even one fan who wasn’t as keen admitted they were ‘hooked enough to finish it’, with another agreeing: ‘Deliciously slow but with absolutely stellar cliffhangers at the end of each episode that kept momentum going!’

The six-part show has been praised for its ‘stellar cliffhangers’ (Picture: Netflix)

The synopsis for the series reads: ‘The world of a seemingly perfect family shatters when a shocking murder proves that they’re willing to make desperate moves to protect one another.’

‘From the first encounter with this story, I have appreciated that it really has something at heart,’ director Per Hanefjord told Netflix.

‘It raises complex issues, offers depth of character, and all the while with engaging suspense.’

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Meanwhile, on Rotten Tomatoes, the series has achieved an average audience score of 86%, with one review reading: ‘A Nearly Normal Family is really worth watching. Great storyline, acting and well paced. I would have to say it’s one of the best limited series I have seen to date and hopefully there will be more on this level in the future. Do yourself a favor and binge watch this one. You won’t be disappointed.’

Someone else praised: ‘Utterly compulsive viewing. Great acting throughout, well produced and directed. Absorbing depth to the sound track. The feel of a classic.’

A Nearly Normal Family is available to watch on Netflix.