Netflix viewers are obsessed with a new gameshow that’s ‘even better than The Traitors’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 13
If you’re a fan of The Traitors, Netflix has your next gameshow in store… (Picture: BBC/Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz)

viewers are hooked on a new gameshow that’s been compared to .

While the is airing three episodes a week of ’s , that sees if you need something to tide you over the weekend, Netflix may have just the thing.

The streaming service has just dropped an eight-part psychological reality series,.

It follows 11 strangers being given the chance to either share a $250,000 prize pot equally, or vote people and keep more for themselves.

Hosted by CNN correspondent Brooke Baldwin, the trailer teases tense scenes, votes being thrown into a firepit, and contestants trying to convince each other they’re not liars.

Secrets unfold, questions over who deserves to remain in the game arise, and all the players are left asking themselves: ‘Who can I trust?’

Will they be tempted to take all the money for themselves, or can they win over the other players to stay in the game?

Fans are already comparing the series to The Traitors, which sees players banished around the roundtable or Faithfuls murdered at night.

But some viewers think it’s even better, with @Lolosveto simply writing on X: ‘The Trust >>>>>> The Traitors.’

@RyanX1919 recommended: ‘There’s a new show on Netflix called the trust and it’s good too! It’s another BB Traitors type show.’

@klementoutsold gushed: ‘WHY IS #THETRUST SO GOOD.’

@WillowD14 added: ‘Also if ya’ll haven’t heard yet #TheTrust is another gem that just came out of nowhere recently (on Netflix) It’s like a mash of Big Brother x Traitors.’

@superpidge penned: ‘Do I really want to watch a brand new reality show that lands on @netflix TOMORROW NIGHT!! a show that has been described like Big Brother and The Traitors?? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!! Right up my street, CAN’T WAIT!!’

Players can vote each other out to keep the money theirs (Picture: Netflix)
Things get tense! (Picture: Netflix)

Meanwhile, in Scotland’s Ardross castle, The Traitors final isn’t long away.

Withand six Faithful sent home, Harry, Paul and Miles remain amongst 15 .

The Traitors airs on BBC iPlayer while The Trust is on Netflix, with new episodes dropping on January 17.