Netflix viewers ‘call in sick’ to urgently binge ‘addictive’ new thriller
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 03
Fool Me Once has been gripping Netflix viewers since it landed on New Year’s Day (Picture: Netflix)

fans have contemplated jacking in their jobs to stay home and binge-watch new.

The streaming platform’s has gone down a with viewers, who have also which includes , and .

The of the brutal murder of ex-Army Officer Maya’s (Michelle Keegan) husband Joe (Richard Armitage).

But the investigation is thrown off-course when Joe mysteriously appears alive on Maya’s nanny camera, hugging their daughter, which unravels a web of dark secrets.

After getting ‘hooked’ on Fool Me Once, which was made available on Netflix on New Year’s Day, fans flocked to X to joke they were going to call into work sick to watch the remaining episodes.

One viewer, Michelle Pryde, raved: ‘5 episodes deep into #FoolMeOnce and questioning whether I really need a job and could call in sick for work tomorrow as I need to finish it!! I am HOOKED. @michkeegan is just brilliant.’

Viewers on X joked they were going to quit their jobs to watch Fool Me Once (Picture: Netflix)
The show picks up after the brutal murder of Richard’s character Joe (Picture: Netflix)

Echoing Michelle’s sentiment, Jennifer Smith enthused: ‘@HarlanCoben I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow after this holiday break but I can’t stop watching #FoolMeOnce. Back to being sleep deprived I go.’

Angela Bennion remarked: ‘Binged, done. Absolutely fantastic storyline but #thisgirl @michkeegan is another level. On the edge of my sofa all day #FoolMeOnce #superstar x.’ watched Fool Me Once ahead of its release and can reveal the ending is explosive – and packed with explosive twists and turns.

Fool Me Once also stars British legends Dame Joanna and Michelle (Picture: Netflix)

Dame Joanna, 77, and Michelle, 36, that the final scene was one of the most remarkable they had filmed in their long careers.

The Absolutely Fabulous star explained: ‘[The final scene] was a 14-page scene, which is unheard of. Usually when they give you the call sheet [a scene] is one [page] and two-thirds, two [pages] and a quarter or three-quarters of a page, this was plenty more.

‘And it was a biggish cast; there five of us there maybe. Five of us in an enormous room, so it was very, very detailed work.’

Describing the scene as one of her ‘favourites’, Michelle continued: ‘We did it again and again. Normally you break up quite a lot of a big scene like that, but you couldn’t break it up. That scene had to be done in chronological order for it to make sense; for us to get to the emotional peak where we need to be.’

Dame Joanna even revealed the cast and crew consented to breaking their contracts and worked overtime to finish.

She said: ‘They had to call the hour, which in our business means you have to ask the crew and the cast if they’re prepared to break the contracts and work an extra hour over into midnight. It was midnight or one o’clock when we finished.’

Fool Me Once is available to stream on Netflix.