New York Bronx Rapper D Thang Gz Among 21 Others Arrested On Conspiracy To Murder, Here Are The Details
Posted by  badge Boss on May 28

22 young rappers, including DThang Gz from the Bronx in New York, were charged with 65 counts of plotting to kill, having guns, and trying to kill. Read on to learn more about why he was put in jail.

Young American rapper DThang Gz is well-known for being one of the people who started the group Bronx Drill. The talented rapper has a lot of fans because he has put some of his music videos on YouTube.

Love DThang, Habits, Opponent, and Drama are all songs that people know and like. DThang started using YouTube in August 2020, and he now has more than 87k subscribers. He was not only active on YouTube, but he also used to upload songs to other music streaming sites.

As was already said, he is one of the people who started Bronx Drill, and recent news has put DThang Gz in the spotlight. For your information, 23 people who are thought to be gang members were charged on Tuesday for shooting at rivals during a turf war in the Bronx and bragging about it in drill rap songs.

D Thang Gz

New York Bronx rapper D Thang Gz was taken into custody

DThang Gz, a rapper from the New York Bronx, was arrested with other members of his gang after they shot at rivals during a turf war in the Bronx. He was also charged with bragging about gun violence in drill rap songs.

22 young rappers were charged, including DThang Gz from the Bronx in New York.

News 12 says that 29 people, including a teen, have been charged with crimes related to shootings in Highbridge and violence at Rikers Island. Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark says that the members and allies are from an organisation called RPT (River Park Towers).

He also said that the gang members were said to have shot all over the streets without caring about anyone else’s lives. So, DThang Gz, one of the founders of the gang Bronx Drill, is one of the rappers who have been arrested.

Charges and a Mugshot for Bronx Drill Founder D Thang Gz

As was already said, an investigation into a Bronx drill rap gang led to the indictment of 21 men and a teenager. All of the suspects worked for the same company, River Park Towers (RPT). According to reports, a 65-count charge accused them of plotting to kill someone, assault, and having weapons in connection with multiple shootings around the housing complex in the Highbridge part of the borough.

The police said that the gang was mean and careless, and that they would pull guns out in the middle of the day in crowded places. In another indictment, seven of them are charged with attempted murder and other shooting-related crimes on August 17, 2020. When they tried to shoot someone at that time, they fired almost a dozen shots into the entrance of a building.

Bronx Drill was started by DThang Gz, who is also a member of the group.

At the time this was written, none of the rappers’ mugshots, including DThang’s, had been made public, but the police department may soon have more information.

A Few Facts About D Thang Gz

DThang Gz was born in the US on September 22, 2000. He is now 21 years old. Dontay Banks, Jr. is his true name. He is also from the Bronx, which is in New York.

His songs on YouTube have been seen by millions of people, and we can also find him on Instagram as @dthangracks.