Nickmercs shares baby news with wife Emumita Bonita: ‘Player 3 has entered the game’
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 08
Nickmercs’ family is growing! (pic: Twitter)

FaZe Clan streamer Nickmercs and his wife Emumita Bonita shared some very exciting news with their fans on Twitter. 

Just before jumping on a stream, Nickmercs, whose real name is Nicholas Kolcheff, posted an adorable photo announcing that he and his wife are expecting their first child. 

The couple has been married since 2020 after Nickmercs proposed to Emumita during a Twitch stream. 

They often upload photos on social media together, and she occasionally joins him on his streams from time to time. 

In one video, Nickmercs even asked her to pick out his entire Warzone class setup, but other than this Emumita’s not involved in gaming or streaming and is pretty private. 

To break the news to his fans, Nickmercs shared a photo of a heart made out of flowers that had an ultrasound in the centre along with a babygrow reading ‘Player 3 has entered the game’ with a console controller, along with the caption ‘Babymercs is coming soon.’ 

Then he went live on Twitch and many fans noted he was glowing and looking extremely happy as he expressed gratitude for the multitude of good wishes he and his wife received. 

‘It’s kind of hard to even take it all in. The phone won’t stop blowing up. It’s been nonstop, and then, I see all you guys’ support on a community front, and I feel just overwhelmed with love and support,’ he said. 

A few fans then started suggesting that he names his kid after his editor Gary though Nickmercs quickly shut the campaign down saying that ‘Gary’s not happening.’ 

He also shared a video of his wife breaking the news of her pregnancy to him using a hidden camera. Emumita gave him a box with various items, including some snacks, but once he dug deep enough, he found a positive pregnancy test and was too stunned to speak. 

The pair hugged and kissed before ending the video, leaving us happy and teary-eyed. Anyone chopping onions around here? 

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