NieR: Automata fan is the only one in the world to find secret room
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 26
NieR:Automata – somehow it just got even weirder (pic: Square Enix)

The producer of NieR: Automata has acknowledged a brewing mystery involving a secret cut scene that has only been seen once in five years.

was one of the best games of 2017 and one of the best games of any kind from the outgoing generation, but that was five years ago now and you’d assume all of its secrets would’ve been discovered long ago… but apparently not.

The mystery started over a month ago on , with a fan asking about why his friend couldn’t get to the church area he’d visited in the game. Nobody knew what he was talking about, and he got so frustrated that this week he published a video of what he meant – and it’s got everyone baffled.

The video shows the player opening a secret door to a previously unseen room in the Copied City, which after a very long ladder and a weird corkscrew corridor leads to a church with an unknown figure on the alter and a vaguely human shaped cloud of digitised cubes. All of which is made even weirder because nobody else can work out how to access it.

At first fans assumed it was some kind of fake, but there is no modding scene for NieR:Automata, and certainly not to the point where anyone can create whole new areas.

It is theoretically possible that this small section of the game could’ve been recreated elsewhere, just to add these new elements in, but that seems an absurd amount of effort for something that no-one knows what to make of anyway.

To add to the confusion, Square Enix producer Yosuke Saito then commented on a tweet discussing the video, with the phrase, ‘Eternal mystery…’

Saito’s tweet is just as inexplicable as the rest of it, but it seems unlikely he would’ve acknowledged the mystery if it was just a mod or a fake of some kind.

The best guess for what’s going on, from the game’s , is that this is cut content, since it turned out that the original player had never downloaded any updates for the game. That’s pretty unusual in this day and age and makes it more understandable that nobody else has found it before now.

That still doesn’t explain what the church is all about, though, or why its content was cut; especially as the few lines of dialogue in the cut scene are actually taken from a different part of the game.

Whether this is all some grand mystery or just a trivial bit of cut content remains to be seen, but perhaps we’ll know for sure if director and writer Yoko Taro deigns to comment on it.

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