Olly Murs admits struggles with ‘loneliness’ after becoming estranged from twin brother 15 years ago
Posted by  badge Boss on 3 weeks ago
Olly and Ben Murs separated suddenly amid the star’s rise to fame (Picture: Jordan Beck/REX)

has made rare comments about his estranged twin brother, admitting that he struggles with ‘loneliness’ since they drifted apart.

The X Factor alum, 40, hasn’t spoken to Ben since 2009 when Olly appeared on Simon Cowell’s singing show and

Olly missed his brother’s wedding to Amy Hart so he could take part in the singing competition, with reports claiming at the time that he had hoped to attend but was forced to remain in for rehearsals.

Instead, Olly had to listen over the as his sibling

That was the last time the pair had any contact, with now expressing his regret over their sudden separation.

In an interview with , the Troublemaker singer said: ‘When you’ve been in the womb with someone, you struggle with loneliness.

Ben married Amy Hart in 2009, when Olly was competing in The X Factor (Picture: Damien McFadden/Shutterstock)
With Simon Cowell as his mentor, Olly placed second (Picture: Ken McKay/Talkback Thames/REX/Shutterstock)

‘I had to deal with it when my twin and I went on our separate lives.’

‘I was desperate to be around people, could not sit in a room alone,’ he recalled.

Olly is now a proud dad to a baby girl, with his

However, in the years when he was single, Olly didn’t find it easy being by himself.

‘When I was single for three years, I had to learn to like my own company. That’s when I met Amelia.’

The pop star didn’t divulge any further details about Ben, nor did he give any indication as to whether they will ever make contact again.

The twins haven’t spoken 15 years (Picture: X/Ben Murs)
Ben has since drifted from his parents due to Olly’s success (Picture: Damien McFadden/Shutterstock)

He did, however, share that he now just wants to focus onhe can be to Madison, and the best partner to bodybuilder Amelia.

‘My aim in life is to be a great husband and father — that’s where my future lies,’ he said sweetly.

‘I’d love my career to continue as it is, but when you get married and become a dad, you just want to be the best for them.’

All hope might not be lost, though, as Olly has said before that he wishes to end their lengthy feud.

In 2018, the Dear Darlin’ hitmaker told Lorraine Kelly that he ‘hopes’ the rift can heal in time and that he thinks ‘every year’ about what could have been.

‘I did text him for his birthday but he changed his number. Christmas has never been the same.’ 

The pop star wants to focus on being the best dad and husband he can be (Picture: Getty Images for Bauer)
He and Amelia Tank welcomed daughter Madison earlier this year (Picture: Instagram)
Olly has admitted he still has ‘hopes’ for a reunion with Ben (Picture: Alan Chapman/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Olly added that he ‘still wants to make that change’ with Ben.

Meanwhile, Olly’s twin isn’t in the spotlight, but he has spoken previously about their strained relationship.

In 2017, Ben told that Olly’s fame ‘changed everything.’

‘My parents wanted this bright, shiny Olly with the money who can give them the VIP lifestyle,’ he confessed.

‘They liked hanging around with Simon Cowell, or going to Bon Jovi concerts – they loved their VIP selfies.

‘I’m not interested in anything like that, I have a lovely life with my wife and kids.’

As a result, Ben also drifted from their parents.