One Direction star sends fans into a frenzy with dramatic comeback teaser
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 06

fans are in a frenzy after the singer dropped a series of hints that he may imminently release a new album.

The Pillowtalk hitmaker, 31, took to Instagram Live last night for just over 40 seconds, prompting fans to comb through the video in search of any info about the singer’s fourth album.

The shaky footage appears to show Malik in a recording studio and features short clips of two different songs. 

This was made all the more significant by the fact that Malik has kept an over the past five years, rarely posting to or appearing in public.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Malik changed his profile picture on all his accounts just minutes after the live, also deleting all of his posts on Instagram. Soon, a new video post appeared on Malik’s Instagram, causing fans to react like Christmas came early.

The video, which has been viewed nearly 10million times in just a few hours, appears to be a trailer for the upcoming album.

Zayn Malik has shared snippets of music from his new album (Picture: Instagram/@zayn)

It shows Malik with his dog, walking in an idyllic field and the singer’s voice can be heard saying: ‘I think the intention behind this album fully is for the listener to get more insight on me personally as a human being. 

‘My ambitions, my fears. And for them to have a connection with that. And that’s why it’s so raw, you know, it’s just me writing this. I didn’t want anybody else to be between me and the music and the music and the people listening to it.’

The video ends with a black-and-white shot of Malik’s eyes with a snippet of music, the same as one of the songs that can be heard in the live video, playing over top. The lyrics of the new song, which we can assume will feature on Malik’s upcoming album, are: ‘If I told you I loved you would you say that it’s f**ked up.’

The new video shows Malik with his dog (Picture: Instagram/@zayn)

Devoted fans will know that the former One Direction member hasn’t released an album in three years, though he did drop the dance track Love Like This in July 2023.

While rumours about the singer’s fourth album have been swirling for a while, no release date has been confirmed, though we do know Malik is working with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb for the first time. 

According to, Malik had spent ‘several years’ writing the material at his home in rural Pennsylvania before he joined forces with Cobb to produce the album. 

Zayn Malik made a rare public appearance at Paris fashion week this year (Picture: Getty Images)

Cobb’s involvement in the project has led many to speculate that Malik may be jumping on the wave of pop singers dabbling in country western music, given that Cobb has made a name for himself working primarily with Nashville country stars like Brandi Carlisle and Chris Stapleton. 

Malik seemed to confirm these rumours during an interview on the last year: ‘I’m doing a record I don’t think people are really gonna expect. It’s a different sound for me.’

‘And it’s got some more narrative going on, like real-life experiences and stuff. My daughter’s mentioned in there a couple of times,’ he continued.

Fans are hopeful that the online hints mean Malik’s new album is coming sooner than expected (Picture: Instagram/@zayn)
Zayn Malik fans are obsessing over the new info about the singer’s fourth album (Picture: Instagram/@zayn)

Malik shares a daughter with supermodel , who he dated on and off for six years, finally . Some fans are speculating that the new album may even contain some details on the reason for the power couple’s rift.

With all of this hype surrounding the mysterious new record, fans are beside themselves; taking to social media to share their excitement, speculate about when the album may appear, and even wonder whether Malik meant to share that Instagram live.

Cobb told about his perspective on the new album: ‘What got me about Zayn was his voice, you can hear love, loss, pain, triumph and humanity in it. I feel as if this record is removing the glass from his spirit directly to his fans.’

He added: ‘Zayn has really created his own universe on this record, he really has no fear and is speaking straight from his soul.’