Panic as ‘explosion’ threatens chaotic Grand Designs build
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 01, 2023 - 01:31PM

has had no shortage of near disasters over the years; however, one a potential ‘explosion’.

On the upcoming episode of, viewers will be introduced to furniture maker Lucinda, who has had a lifelong love affair with wood.

Now retired from creating beautiful bespoke items for other people, she wants to construct something for herself – an entire home made of the material.

Her plan is for it to be low impact, wooden tiled like an armadillo, and set in the woodland just above the old family home where her children grew up.

However, with a on her hands, she recruits the help of son Dan and daughter Rosie.

But, as seenahead of tonight’s episode, things are going to be anything but easy.

Grand Designs’ latest episode follows Lucinda, an ex-furniture maker (Picture: Channel 4)
Her dream to create a home made of wood hits some roadblocks (Picture: Channel 4)

When rain starts pelting down on their building site in South Herefordshire, wooden columns filled with concrete are starting to buckle.

As host Kevin McCloud explains: ‘Before long the weight of the concrete is stretching their home crafted moulds to the limit.’

Dan then decides to lash the leaking moulds with straps and screws for good measure, but things seem to only be getting worse.

Her son Dan is clearly a bit concerned about what unfolds (Picture: Channel 4)
Heavy rain starts to threaten the build (Picture: Channel 4)

With Lucinda watching on, she starts trying to rally the group, who are now all covered in mud, to get the job done.

Moving from one column to another, Lucinda then jumps into one of the deep holes and starts drilling.

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However, when it comes to the last few columns being completed, she can be heard swearing.

Water then starts filling one hole and soon an unsettling noise can be heard.

Her daughter Rosie is clearly taken aback by what’s happening (Picture: Channel 4)

While Dan jumps in to try and fix the problem, his mum then starts expressing concern the column could be about to explode.

‘It’s bulging! It’s going,’ she yells, as Rosie looks on with great worry.

While it’s not yet clear what will unfold, Lucinda is aiming to erect a beautifully crafted two storey, highly insulated timber home for a very modest construction budget of £150,000.

The build also faces the challenge of transporting materials through the woodland without damaging roots or vegetation, and to build a structure without any heavy machinery.

Grand Designs continues Wednesdays at 9pm on Channel 4.