Peaky Blinders fans ‘feel sick’ after graphic genitals scene ahead of finale: ‘I wish I could unsee that’
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 28
Billy didn’t know what was coming to him and no one was ready for it (Picture: BBC)

went to unimaginably gruesome new heights during the penultimate episode after Billy Grade almost lost his genitals.

Ahead of the Peaky Blinders finale this coming Sunday, the stakes were amped and the gore was well and truly back at the expense of Billy’s privates.

Billy arrived into Peaky Blinders back in season five, hired by the Shelby family to fix horse racing and football results.

After reluctantly killing a football referee at the orders of Arthur Shelby, Billy was chilling out in a spa when he heard footsteps and an eerie whistle ringing through the changing rooms.

Wearing nothing but his towel, he got up to investigate but was thrown when mobster Jack Nelson came up from behind, armed with what appeared to be a wired clamp.

Whipping off the towel, Jack clamped his weapon to Billy’s genitals with the sound alone being enough to make viewers wince before the blood dripped down his leg.  

Jack crept up on Billy with a wired clamp (Picture: BBC)
Billy’s face here is all of us (Picture: BBC)


Even just watching the scene had viewers ‘in pain’ with plenty turning to Twitter to express their shock and agony:

The gory moment sets up a huge blow ahead of the Peaky Blinders finale, with Jack convincing Billy to hand over Arthur after catching him out as the Shelby rat.

The finale will be a feature-length episode, with many suggesting Tommy’s death is inevitable.

‘As the clouds of the coming storm gather, Tommy Shelby faces the consequences of his experiences and his actions,’ reads the episodes synopsis.

Peaky Blinders concludes Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.