People refuse to believe this Hollywood legend is 84
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 14
Chuck Norris has celebrated his 84th birthday (Picture: Instagram)

has sent fans into a meltdown after marking a big birthday in the most Chuck Norris way possible.

The actor and martial arts icon turned 84 on March 10 and spent the day in his garden in the sunshine, surrounded by incredible views – and taking on a workout session.

Does the man ever rest?

After showing a punching bag who’s boss, proudly told the camera: ‘You know, I’m 84 today but I feel like I’m 48! God bless you all.’

Alongside the clip, he penned: ‘Feeling good and staying active! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. God Bless.’

Fans couldn’t get enough of the footage and rushed to wish Chuck a happy birthday, questioning whether he ever actually ages.

Tswanny86 joked: ‘Chuck Norris actually died 20 years ago…. Death just hasn’t worked up the courage to tell him yet.’

Dblitzc agreed: ‘Chuck Norris doesn’t age, time adjusts to him.’

As Elardusventer suggested: ‘I think it’s time for another Blockbuster come on Chuck! You look better than most 48 year olds!’

Fans rushed to celebrate Chuck’s big day (Picture: AP)

While many, many more warned Jake Paul not to get any ideas for his next fight – after his upcoming battle with Mike Tyson was announced.

We think Chuck could take him…

The athlete and movie icon shot to worldwide fame by starring in a string of big screen projects, including The Hitman, Hellbound, The Way of the Dragon and Invasion USA.

He also made an unforgettable cameo in Dodgeball, beside Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Christine Taylor.

The actor is still going strong in Hollywood (Picture: Instagram)

Never one to take a break, Chuck is set to appear in Zombie Plane, following the chaotic moment zombies taken over a flight, with Vanilla Ice and Sophie Monk among those hoping to save the day.

While there is no release date available, the official synopsis reads: ‘When passengers on a jet flying from Sydney to Los Angeles become infected with new strains of zombie viruses, Vanilla Ice and Sophie Monk are forced to team up to contain the contagion before the US Air Force shoots it out of the sky.’

Count us in.