Peter Andre reveals why he and second wife Emily refused a prenup
Posted by  badge Boss on 3 weeks ago
Peter Andre did not sign a prenup with his wife Emily MacDonagh (Picture: Peter Andre/Instagram)

After revealing he was expecting another child with wife, confessed he hasn’t signed a prenup with her.

The married Emily, who is a doctor, in 2015 at Mamhead House in Exeter and have been quietly enjoying family life together ever since.

Together the – son Theo, six, and daughter Amelia, nine – with

Despite his net worth of around £16 million, Peter, 50, decided not to enter into a prenuptial agreement with his 34-year-old partner.

Prenops are commonplace in celebrity marriages, protecting the assets of both individuals should the relationship come to an end.

Speaking on their decision, Peter said: ‘I think it does depend on upbringing. So some cultures think that you should always keep your own money, some think you should all be together.

The pair are expecting their third child together (Picture: Peter Andre/Instagram)
Peter also shares children Junior and Princess with Katie Price (Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

‘But as you grow older you start to figure it out yourself. I know with Emily at the start I had different views to what I’ve got now. I mean, we don’t have a prenup. We’ve got children together.’

The star previously had a very public marriage to Katie Price, with whom he shares and daughter

Peter and Katie, , had a lavish televised wedding with the former glamour model wearing a pink princess gown.

They divorced in 2009, four years after the wedding, and have had a fraught relationship ever since while co-parenting their two teens.

Addressing his second marriage, on his show, Peter continued: ‘We had a discussion before we got married, actually, and I knew I was going to stay with her forever so I thought, it’s all going to stay in the same place anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

He married Katie Price in 2005 but split four years later (Picture: ITV2)
Peter keeps his other children with Emily out of the spotlight (Picture: Can Nguyen/REX/Shutterstock)

‘You have to understand that if somebody has come into a relationship, and somebody has created something before meeting you, you can understand someone being a bit scared or protective.

‘But I think, and out of this conversation, I have realised that probably when you have children, that whole attitude changes. You are one unit when you get married, but much more so when you have children.’

The dad-of-four previously revealed that Emily had been rushed to hospital while pregnant, with him receiving a call during his performance in West End show Grease.

The star told : ‘It’s been an emotional roller coaster for Emily, but she never complains; she just gets on with it.

‘It was really worrying and obviously, I immediately went to support her, but thankfully everything was OK.’