Piers Morgan becomes the voice of the people as he reacts to Matt Hancock’s first look on I’m A Celebrity
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 09, 2022 - 09:24AM
Piers Morgan shared his thoughts (Picture: REX / ITV)

has echoed all of our thoughts as he’s reacted to ’s first look on !

On Tuesday’s episode, viewers got their first peak at the former health secretary, as and .

Mr Hancock and comedian Seann Walsh are set to in tomorrow’s show, just one day after  star  was .

In the teaser clip, Mr Hancock declared: ‘When I’m in camp, people will see the real me.

‘Survival in the jungle is a good metaphor for my work.

‘Don’t have nightmares’ (Picture: ITV)

‘People will see me warts and all, see the human side of the guy behind the podium. I don’t think I’ve got any fears or phobias, but I’m about to find out.’

If viewers weren’t impressed by his arrival in the jungle, they’re even less so by the teaser clip.

Retweeting comedian Matt Chorley’s comment ‘Don’t have nightmares,’ Morgan penned: ‘Literally vomit-making.’

Others echoed the sentiment, with one writing: ‘I never knew I could feel what I just felt. I can’t even describe it.’

Another joked: ‘Why are ITV showing his Tinder profile?’

Matt Hancock is entering the jungle (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Unsurprisingly, Mr Hancock’s upcoming stint in the jungle is already marred in controversy.

He was following his decision to join the reality series, and also came under fire by politicians for choosing to take part when Parliament is sitting.

Thousands calling for Mr Hancock to be axed from the show.

But despite the anger over his signing,  I’m A Celebrity’s executive producer Olly Nash defended the decision, saying: ‘It’s always an individual’s choice to come into camp, isn’t it?

‘And at any point, any celebrity can say I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. So that’s the only thing really to add. I think.’

I’m A Celebrity airs at 9pm on ITV.