Piers Morgan defends Will Smith against ‘cancel culture mob’ after Chris Rock slap: ‘He didn’t punch him’
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 28
Piers understands that Will was simply trying to ‘stand up for his girl’ (Picture: PA, AFP)

refuses to ‘cancel’ over him slapping at the Oscars 2022, and has instead defended the actor. 

Will, 53, caused a stir at the prestigious awards ceremony on Sunday when he for making a joke about his wife . 

During his brief appearance to present an award, Chris referred to Jada as ‘G.I. Jane’ due to her sporting a shaved head. However, the Girls Trip actress has been open about her battle with hair loss condition alopecia. 

Former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers described the shocking event as one of the ‘ugliest’ moments ever seen at the Oscars, but he’s now said he understands where Will was coming from.

In his latest , the broadcaster wrote that if Chris was aware of Jada’s alopecia, then his ‘nasty, cruel quip… warranted a husband’s wrath’. 

He also stated that while Will did slap the comedian, it wasn’t a close-fisted ‘punch’. 

Will stormed the stage slapped Chris across the face leaving their fellow A-list celebrities gobsmacked (Picture: AFP via Getty Images)

Piers said: ‘Making fun of a woman who’s lost all her hair isn’t funny, it’s just unkind. 

‘As for Will Smith, as the cancel culture mob race to destroy him, hysterically demanding he be stripped of his best actor award and charged with assault, I find myself moved to defend him.’ 

According to Piers, the King Richard actor was simply ‘standing up for his wife’ and would have been ‘saluted for defending his girl’ in previous eras rather than ‘savaged by an overly sensitive snowflake society’. 

Will saw wife Jada was visibly upset by Chris’ joke (Picture: Rex Features)

The TV presenter isn’t the only celebrity to defend Will, as comedian Tiffany Haddish also defended him for standing up for Jada. 

She told People: ‘When I saw a Black man stand up for his wife. That meant so much to me… 

‘Maybe the world might not like how it went down, but for me, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen because it made me believe that there are still men out there that love and care about their women, their wives.’ 

Rapper, who she said has likely witnessed Jada’s private struggle with alopecia.