Piers Morgan’s got Covid and we fear he’s going to present in his undies
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 06, 2023 - 07:46AM
Piers Morgan has announced a shake-up to Uncensored after he tested positive for Covid (Picture: Talk TV)

is set to present Uncensored from his home this week after testing positive for .

The presenter shared a photo of his positive test on on Tuesday night, explaining that , he was pushing ahead with plans to front his show.

‘UPDATE: I’ve tested positive for Covid, and feel as rough as a badger’s a*se, but in the spirit of “The Show Must Go On”, I’m going to have a go at anchoring tonight’s Uncensored live from my home,’ he posted on X, formerly Twitter.

‘Tune in at 8pm, because anything could happen…’

While the pandemic made remote presenting anything out of the unusual we were on edge waiting to see whether Piers might be going on air in his undies after teasing that viewers might be kept on their toes, however he was instead suited up when the cameras came on.

However he did also announce he would be broadcasting from home over the next few nights as he recovers.

about his illness, Piers, 58, said he’d first tested negative twice before the positive result.

He posted this photo of his positive test on social media (Picture: Piers Morgan/ X)

He also shared the below reply to someone who questioned why he’d made a ‘big deal’ of having Covid.

‘I only said it because I’ve never hosted the show from my home before and it will look a bit odd to viewers,’ he explained.

Last month Piers also pushed through with , which came after concerned viewers commented on his appearance.

In early November he shared this update as well: ‘To all concerned viewers (including my mother & sister!) who think I’ve looked less than [100], I’ve been diagnosed with bronchitis, sinusitis & conjunctivitis – a gloriously vile trifecta of wheezing, sneezing, pink-eyed hell.

He’s set to present the programme from his home tonight (Picture: Tayfun Salci/ZUMA Press Wire/Shutterstock)

‘Apologies if my head caused more offence than usual.’

He went on to address suspicions that he has a mild form of Covid, as .

He added: ‘Incidentally, fwiw, my LA doc said he’s recently had 100s of people in with similar symptoms & most tested positive for Covid several weeks before. (I didn’t but he thinks I had it).

‘The new strains seem to be mildish on infection but spark lingering crap for weeks afterwards.’

Piers Morgan Uncensored airs weeknights at 8pm on Talk TV.