Pokémon anime’s final 11 episodes will bring back Misty and Brock
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 10
Even the oldest of Pokémon fans will be tempted to check out this last set of episodes (pic: TV Tokyo/The Pokémon Company)

To wrap up Ash’s time in the Pokémon anime, fans will be treated to an 11-episode miniseries and plenty of cameos from old favourites.

After 2022 saw Ash Ketchum finally achieve his dream of becoming the , in the Pokémon anime, 2023 will mark another major milestone, with .

Ahead of the show’s next season, which will see two new protagonists take over, a miniseries will start airing this month, that will serve as a celebration and farewell to Ash and Pikachu.

A few new details have now been shared, confirming that it will be exactly 11 episodes long and feature fan favourite companions Misty and Brock.

Although the show has run for 25 years and Ash has made countless friends, his original traveling companions Misty and Brock perhaps remain the most beloved, particularly among nostalgic fans who’ve been with the anime since the beginning.

The two have made occasional returns to the show throughout the years, but it makes sense to bring them back for one last adventure before Ash exits the show.

From the sound of it, though, we may not see the whole trio together before the show wraps up. Instead, episode two will centre around Ash taking part in a fishing competition with Misty, while episode three has him meet up with Brock, as well as Cilan from the Black & White series Best Wishes.

This is according to a new trailer and details shared by Japanese website (and translated by ), with episode one all about Ash helping an injured Latias. There’s no word if this is the same Latias he met in the Pokémon Heroes movie from 2002.

The miniseries will also feature a remake of the original Japanese theme song from 1997. Fingers crossed that, when it gets dubbed, they’ll do the same for the iconic Western theme song.

Presumably, more of Ash’s friends will make appearances throughout the remaining eight episodes. Although exactly how Ash’s journey will come to a close remains to be seen.

It’s unlikely he’ll exit the show forever, as The Pokémon Company previously said these last episodes ‘provide a glimpse at what the future may hold for the world’s strongest trainer in this final chapter for Ash and his Pikachu.’

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