Polyamorous family of 7 ask for sex dungeon with drainage for ‘golden showers’ in wild new Netflix series
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 08
A polyamorous family featured on Netflix’s How To Build a Sex Room (Picture: CALEB ALVARADO/NETFLIX)

A polyamorous family of seven people could not contain their excitement when designer Melanie Rose in How To Build a Sex Room created their dream sex dungeon – complete with a drainage space for golden showers.

How to Build a Sex Room is the wild new Netflix series which serves like a cocktail of Changing Rooms mixed with Fifty Shades of Grey, following couples – or families of seven in this case – as they transform their homes into erotic havens.

Melanie, who has exclusively designed erotic spaces for the past decade, said she has never planned a room for a polyamorous couple or family before.

‘Now I’m going to be dealing with seven opinions, oh my god,’ she teased.

Admitting she has ‘wild’ fantasies, family member Soriya said wants a sensual space that incorporates ‘anything to do with cock and ball torture and ball busting’, as well as a place for golden showers.

‘I have a fantasy of laying on the ground and have everyone pee on me like a golden shower. We can’t engage in that with a carpet,’ Soriya explains, while looking at the carpeted floor.

Melanie responds: ‘A carpet is a no no, isn’t it?’

Later on in the fourth episode of , Melanie’s general contractor Mike, has to take a breather when he is asked to build the drainage section and discovers the reason behind it.

The drainage room is pictured at the back with shower to ‘clean up’ (Picture: Netflix)
Melanie also made a special sex cage for the family (Picture: Netflix)
The drain in question… (Picture: Netflix)
The family were really impressed with Melanie’s transformation (Picture: Netflix)

Melanie told Mike: ‘They like golden showers so there’s a lot bodily fluids involved so we need a drain in here.’

‘Hold [on], can I register that for a minute, you just throw all these things at me and you’re like,”take it all in, no big deal, make it happen,” I need a second, OK?’

Along with the drainage room, Mike fits out the space with a secret space filled with sex toys and a curtained window so that family member Arturo, who likes voyeurism, can observe all the antics. 

Melanie designs luxury sex rooms (Credits: Courtesy of Netflix)
Melanie Rose with a couple on How To Build a Sex Room (Picture: COURTESY OF NETFLIX)

Arturo and the other family members met Soriya through various sex-related events, including a 2,000 couple swingers party in Las Vegas and a tantric speed dating event.

Soriya was also married to family member Lester, although they are now divorced and call themselves ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’.

The family are keen to dispel myths and stereotypes about polyamory, with Lester saying, ‘love is not a finite resource, you can do what you want with it.’

One of Melanie’s designs for How To Build a Sex Room (Picture: CALEB ALVARADO/NETFLIX)
Melanie gets up, close and personal with her clients (Picture: COURTESY OF NETFLIX)

‘People assume we’re having orgies all the time – yes, that can happen – but that’s not what poly is all about,’ Soriya said.

‘It’s the freedom to love more than one person.’

During How To Build A Sex Room, Melanie meets a variety of American couples, singletons and polyamorous families and transforms their homes into spaces where they can live out their wildest fantasies.

Along with the polyamorous family, Melanie’s renovations include a ‘Las Vegas stripper suite’ bedroom for married couple and parents-of-three Matthew and Shenika, who does not confirm if she has ever had an orgasm.

Season one of How To Build a Sex Room is availble to stream on Netflix now