Quentin Tarantino is a massive fan of Peppa Pig and reckons it’s ‘the greatest British import of this decade’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 08
Quentin Tarantino is a huge fan of Peppa Pig (Picture: Alessandro Serrano’/AGF/REX/Shutterstock, eOne/Astley Baker Davies/PA Wire)

Hollywood filmmaker is perhaps the most unlikely fan of – but has nonetheless heaped praise on the cartoon, calling it ‘the greatest British import of our decade.’

The director revealed he often watches the show with his who he shares with his wife, Daniella Pick.

Speaking to , the 59-year-old said: ‘I actually do like Peppa Pig. I watch it a lot.

‘I’ll say it — Peppa Pig is the greatest British import of this decade.’

Peppa Pig centres on Peppa, her brother George and their parents, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig, and was first broadcast in the UK in 2004.

The Pulp Fiction creator will likely also introduce the show , 38, a daughter born a few days ago whose name has yet to be revealed.

​​They told People magazine in a statement: ‘Daniella and Quentin Tarantino are happy to announce that Daniella gave birth to their baby girl on July 2, 2022, a little sister to Leo, their first child.’

Quentin and Daniella are proud parents of Leo, 2, and a newborn daughter (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/WireImage)
Quentin married Daniella in an intimate wedding ceremony (Picture: Curtis Dahl Photography/ CRD)

Quentin and Daniella California back in 2018, although they have been living in Tel Aviv, Israel for the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Kill Bill filmmaker – who has since made trips back to Los Angeles – previously explained how Covid-19 altered their plans.

Speaking last summer, he said: ‘The idea was that we would spend like three to four months in Tel Aviv and three to four months in Los Angeles and then Covid hit.

‘So three to four months became nine to 12 months.’

Paolo Nutini sampled one of Quentin’s films (Picture: Andrew Maccoll/REX/Shutterstock)

The Pulp Fiction creator appears to be full of surprises this year, including receiving a

Quentin made the rare move of clearing the Scottish singer’s request to sample a passage from one of his films – his 1993 romantic crime classic True Romance – on his album’s opening track, Afterneath.

Meanwhile, Peppa Pig has been in the headlines

Bruce Cox, 62 — a decorated former Army lieutenant colonel — blew a fortune buying six times too much stock for themed products firm Kokomo Ltd.

To bring in cash to cover his error, he created fake invoices, which HSBC bank usually paid 80% of upfront before suppliers settled later and conned them out of more than £600,000.