Rita Ora’s shocking Eurovision announcement divides viewers after she turned down gig to represent UK 13 years ago
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 13, 2023 - 03:57PM
Rita Ora will be performing at Eurovision (Picture: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

’s surprising announcement that she will be performing at the semi-finals in Liverpool has left fans pretty divided.

The 32-year-old singer will be joining the likes of The star , Alyosha, Mariya Yaremchuk, OTOY, Zlata Dziunka, and more.

Rita will exclusively perform her latest single Praising You at the semi-finals, held at on Tuesday, May 9.

Her performance comes 13 years after she in the Song Contest, before pulling out after she was chosen.

At the time, she said: ‘I did it because I thought it was a chance to sing, but then I felt inside that it wasn’t right for me’.

But Eurovision fans are pretty shocked over the news that she will now be performing at the highly anticipated event, with many calling out her U-turn.

The singer almost represented the UK in 2009 (Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

One seethed: ‘The cheek of Rita Ora to say Eurovision would’ve ruined her career but now she’s happy to bask in its limelight for a semi-final performance, come on now.’

Another penned: ‘Rita Ora? Seriously?’ while someone else commented: ‘No one asked for Rita Ora to be at Eurovision??? Why!!!’

Someone else joked: ‘The thing I love about Rita Ora being an interval act for Eurovision is that I’m imagining Taika Waititi watching Eurovision.’

Other fans were over the moon at the news, with one saying: ‘i will not shut up this month and next about being so excited for rita ora at eurovision’.

Someone else said: ‘Not people having a go at Rita Ora’s comments from 14 years ago she was 18, following advice from her manager which realistically was probably for the best as the reputation of Eurovision at the time was really poor you can’t hold everything people say forever against them.’

‘Some eurofans being presses bcs rita ora did not wanted to represent the UK back in 2009 lil reminder that eurovision is only seen as a serious thing since more recently, back in 2009 many people were finding it dated and ridiculous,’ another agreed.

Rebecca Ferguson will also be performing (Picture: Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage)

The Poison hitmaker will sing during the interval of the first semi-final show, with Rebecca following alongside Ukrainian singer Alyosha, who represented Ukraine in Eurovision 2010.

The start of the semi-final will see host Julia Sanina performing part of Маяк by her band The Hardkiss, which will symbolise how the UK is ‘United by Music’ with Ukraine through hosting the 2023 Contest on behalf of the 2022 winners.

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Meanwhile, the second semi-final show will see Ukraine’s 2014 act Mariya Yaremchuk with a collaborative performance from rapper OTOY, and 14-year-old Ukrainian Junior Eurovision representative Zlata Dziunka.

The interval will feature a performance called ‘Be Who You Wanna Be’ with three drag performers leading into a routine of high-end pop performances along with a troupe of eclectic dancers.

They represent the huge spectrum of fans – regardless of age, nationality, or background – who revel in being a part of Eurovision every year.

Kate Phillips, BBC’s Director of Unscripted, says: ‘There won’t be a moment to miss during these very entertaining and very tense Semi-Finals.

‘Good luck to all the countries involved as they compete for a place in what’s going to be an unforgettable Grand Final.’

The Eurovision Song Contest final airs on Saturday, May 13 on BBC One.