Ryan Marlow: Who Is She? Brain Dead Pastor Shows Signs of Life
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 05, 2022 - 09:32AM

Ryan Marlow: Who Is She? Brain Dead Pastor Shows Signs of Life

In a remarkable event that took place on August 27, 2022, a pastor named Ryan Marlow, who was 37 years old at the time, was declared brain dead but then began exhibiting signs of life after a video of his children was played in his hospital room. The story just broke recently on the internet. There was an ailment called listeria that the pastor was suffering from. Megan Marlow, who was in a committed relationship with him throughout his life, claims that the physicians told her that he had “neurological death” because his condition had caused swelling in the brain. The reason that this story is garnering a lot of attention on social networking sites is because a lot of people are looking for more information about it on such sites. Let’s continue with the article since we have more information on the news that we would want to share with you and we will do so in the following paragraphs.

The following day, September 30, 2022, the report states that Ryan’s family went to the hospital to say their final goodbyes to Ryan before he passed away. When Mragn arrived at the hospital, her niece informed her that her uncle’s feet had started moving for no apparent reason while he was watching videos of his children. Megan had been very good at keeping everyone informed about Ryan’s condition and updates via Facebook. In one of the videos, she can be heard saying, “My heart could not bare it,” and another time she can be heard saying, “Literally the team was waiting there to grab him and instruct the nurse” to halt everything that is happening right now.

Ryan Marlow

To the best of our knowledge, when the CT scan was performed, it revealed a result that no one had ever considered, and Megan claimed that the physicians had made a mistake and that her husband had not passed away. She said that he had still had a catastrophic damage to the stem of his brain and that he continued to be in the essential condition of being in a coma. She continued by saying, “He did not pass away from brain damage, my friends.” According to the doctors, he should already be at the funeral home at this point in time. You may find additional information about the news by scrolling down the page.

Marlow shared that her spouse has exhibited some amazing positive indicators, such as his heart rate increasing up and some movement here and there. Ryan serves as a Baptist pastor in addition to running his own successful business as a piano technician. But if you believe what Marlow has posted on Facebook recently, the doctor will not be waiting to perform the bronc at this time. In addition, the article stated, “He had a CT scan, and the doctor has been discussing possible drain adjustment with neurosurgery to help with swelling, and happily there have been no changes in the bleed.” All of the information that we possessed has been disclosed in this section. Keep an eye out for further developments.




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