Ryanair ban James Corden from flights following claims he was ‘nasty to restaurant staff
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 18, 2022 - 07:26PM
James Corden has been banned from Ryanair (Picture: Getty/Ryanair)

It looks like James Corden will be unable to catch a low-budget flight with Ryanair anytime soon as he has been banned.

The airline company announced its decision shortly after a New York restaurant claimed the actor and presenter.

Corden apologised profusely to Keith McNally, the owner of Balthazar in Manhattan, after he was briefly barred following allegations he had been unpleasant to employees on two separate occasions.

However, it seems Ryanair remains unimpressed as it declared on its official Twitter account: ‘James Corden BANNED from Ryanair.’

The move has seriously tickled social media users, with one person writing: ‘I’ve also banned him from my television, which must really hurt him… solidarity with you Ryanair, good choice.’

No more Ryanair flights for Corden… (Picture: Rex)

Another said: ‘This has me in tears, I’m sat with my head shoved under a desk trying to stifle my giggles.’

On Monday, restaurant owner McNally said he had ‘86’d’ Corden for his alleged behaviour, a slang term for refusing to serve a person or to kick them out of an establishment.

In his original post, he shared two examples of Corden’s alleged outbursts, writing: ‘James Corden is a Hugely gifted comedian, but a tiny Cretin of a man. And the most abusive customer to my Balthazar servers since the restaurant opened 25 years ago.’ 

Keith McNally, the owner of Balthazar, temporarily banned Corden from his restaurant after allegations he had been rude to staff (Picture: Keith McNally/Instagram)
McNally later announced that Corden had called him to apologise (Picture: Keith McNally/Instagram)

Detailing one alleged incident that is said to have happened in June, he added: ‘Corden was extremely nasty to G, and said: “Get us another round of drinks this second. And also take care of all of our drinks so far. This way I write any nasty reviews in yelp or anything like that”.’ 

Another incident is said to have occurred in October when Corden reportedly became frustrated when his wife’s order of a egg yolk omelette was served to her with ‘a little bit of egg white mixed with the egg yolk’. 

In a separate post on Tuesday, McNally said he rescinded the ban after claiming to have received a call from the star.

Taking to Instagram, he said: ‘James Corden just called me and apologised profusely. Having f***** up myself more than most people, I strongly believe in second chances.

Corden has since been invited back to Balthazar (Picture: Getty)

‘So if James Corden lets me host his Late Late Show for 9 months, I’ll immediately rescind his ban from Balthazar.

‘No, of course not. But… anyone magnanimous enough to apologise to a deadbeat layabout like me (and my staff) doesn’t deserve to be banned from anywhere. Especially Balthazar.

‘So Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Corden, Jimmy Corden. All is Forgiven.’

Corden announced in April that he was stepping down as the host of The Late Late Show in the US.

He is said to have extended his contract with CBS to present the show for one more year before finishing in the summer of 2023.

Metro.co.uk has contacted Ryanair for comment.