Rylan Clark mortified as Ant and Dec make him ride man like a motorbike in hilarious Saturday Night Takeaway Eurovision prank
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 02, 2023 - 08:15AM
Rylan Clark was left reeling after falling victim to a Saturday Night Takeaway undercover (Picture: ITV)

was left cringing after Ant and Dec stitched him up good and proper in a undercover prank.

The TV host, 34, became the latest celebrity to fall victim to the Geordie stars’ mischievous ways, as and caused a whole load of Eurovision mayhem.

Rylan thought he was off to a studio to film some social media content for before revealing this year’s Armenian entry.

But, in true Saturday Night Takeaway style, absolutely nothing went to plan and it was all a setup.

Rylan’s prank began before he was even inside, as the presenters cheekily messed with the door system and locked him out.

So, by the time he was in front of a camera, his patience had already been worn down.

The TV presenter didn’t suspect anything, given how chaotic Eurovision typically is! (Picture: ITV)

Rylan remained his cool and charming self, though, as he filmed in front of a green screen with a Belgium director who was, in fact, an actor.

The fake director got him to read hilarious Armenian phrases, with Rylan unknowingly admitting that he ‘smells of cheese’ and his favourite snack is toenails.

And that was just the start, as a man wearing a green morph suit then joined the set.

Rylan thought the extra was acting as various landmarks, so he leaned against him as if he was the Leaning Tower of Pisa, sitting his bum on the man’s feet.

The man also put his entire head inside a globe, and Rylan had to spin him around and bounce it like a ball.

Ant and Dec got Rylan good! (Picture: ITV)

His most hysterical moment came, however, when Rylan was tasked with riding the green man like a motorbike, sitting on top of him as he wheeled off on a green skateboard.

Rylan had viewers in fits of laughter, having previously told Ant and Dec that he didn’t even question the madness, given how wild Eurovision famously is!

The prank came to a peak when the former Celebrity Big Brother winner introduced Armenia’s entrant for 2023 who was also, you guessed it, fake.

Dancing in penguin costumes with massive guitars behind as she sang, Ant and Dec were in plain sight – with Rylan still clueless.

Their identities were finally revealed after the ‘live’ stream was forced to shut off when one of the penguin’s costumes caught fire.

A very worried Rylan couldn’t stop swearing, as he panicked massively.

Thankfully, he was able to laugh it all off when he learned what had really been going on, telling Ant and Dec in the studio that he really was just willing to go along with it all.

‘I mean, working at Eurovision, none of it!’, he laughed, when Ant asked what the most ‘odd’ part of the day was.

On riding the green man like a Harley Davidson, he quipped: ‘I mean, it wasn’t a chore! But it wasn’t a choice.’

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The whole thing gave audiences at home a belly laugh, as they also praised Rylan for being such a good sport.

‘So friendly and professional, good job @Rylan you were hilariously innocent on that prank’, one viewer tweeted.

‘Rylan took that like an absolute pro. Hilarious’, another wrote.

Taking to his own Twitter page, the former X Factor contestant stated: ‘Never using a green screen again’, and honestly, we don’t blame him.

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway continues next Saturday at 7pm on ITV and ITVX.