Sal Valentinetti of American Idol is now where?
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Sal Valentinetti of American Idol is now where?

Sal Valentinetti

America’s Got Talent on NBC is one of the most watched reality TV programmes ever. It is renowned for discovering undiscovered and remarkable talents and giving them a platform to become known to the general public. The reason the programme has been so successful since its start in 2006 is because to its open format, which enables an infinite number of talents from all forms, genres, and realms to forge their own route from auditions to live performances. One of the competitors that stood out among the many talented contestants over the years was Sal Valentinetti from season 11 of the show.

Remembering Sal Valentinetti’s audition can help you understand why and how he was able to garner such positive feedback for himself. Sal, an Italian-American artist from Bethpage, Long Island, became well-known for his singing and powerful yet calming voice. Sal The Voice, who is also known as “Sal The Voice,” is now a full-time, professional artist thanks to his participation on “AGT.” Naturally, if, like many of the artist’s admirers, you’re curious about the artist’s current career trajectory, here’s what we know!

Sal Valentinetti’s journey on America’s Got Talent

Sal Valentinetti’s flawless voice and larger-than-life personality captivated the judges of “AGT,” notably Heidi Klum. Sal, who was born on August 26, 1995, sold pizzas for his cousin’s shop as a 20-year-old college student in 2016 when he went on the show “AGT.” The fact that his large family was by his side, encouraging and supporting him, demonstrated the impact they had on him. The singer also revealed during his audition how his grandmother had taught him to appreciate vintage musical classic crooner tracks.

Another relative who believed in giving Sal strong motivation to treat his talent seriously was his uncle Joe. Before making an appearance on “AGT,” he actually tried out for “American Idol,” but he was unsuccessful. The endearing crooner demonstrated some excellent talents in his season 11 auditions with his lovely voice. Standing ovations were given to him for his performance of “My Way” by Frank Sinatra from both the judges and the crowd. To advance him to the live show in the quarterfinals, Heidi Klum actually pressed the Golden Buzzer because she was so ecstatic.

Sal’s life was irrevocably altered by the Golden Buzzer incident. Sal remarked, “I knew exactly what I wanted to do—perform for people and hear the crowd roaring—when we were talking about it.” Later, throughout the competition, Sal performed a variety of melodic songs, including “Story of My Life” by One Direction, “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra, and “Mack the Knife” by Bobby Darin. Sal, however, finished in fifth place and did not take first place in season 11.

Where Is Sal Valentinetti currently ?

Sal owes the most of his singing career to “AGT,” despite the fact that he placed second in season 11. After his stint on the show was ended, he started doing live shows across the nation as a professional vocalist. Sal not only performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City, but he also sold out the storied NYCB Theater in Westbury and opened for Jay Leno in Las Vegas. In 2017. He has played in some well-known productions across the nation at The Paramount Theatres, notably in Huntington.

The 26-year-old singer covered songs like “The Way You Look Tonight” and “You Make Me Feel So Young” for her 2017 EP titled “The Voice.” He created the album “Christmas Presents” in 2018, and 13 of his songs are included in the album “Little Valentine” from 2021. Sal had a second appearance for “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” in 2019, but he was unable to advance in the competition. Sal also has a tour planned for 2022 that includes a number of performances.

Sal did not have any serious medical conditions, but because he was pre-diabetic and desired to reduce weight, he needed to shed about 50 pounds while he was on “AGT.” Sal joyously proposed to his stunning longtime love Gianna Oliva in December 2021, which is personal news. They appear to have a sweet connection and frequently post loving messages to one another on social media. Sal updated his social media accounts on a regular basis with information about his musical endeavors.