SAS: Who Dares Win recruit chokes up as he shares heart-breaking past of grief and alcoholism: ‘I nearly lost my life’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 31
Levi opened up about his tough past (Picture: PA)

recruit number 18, Levi, held back tears as he opened up on a heart-breaking past of grief and alcohol.

The HGV driver is one of the recruits remaining the process, being put through their paces by Directing Staff , Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox,  and new DS Chris Oliver in the .

Before being interviewed in the Mirror Rooms, Levi had shed tears over recruit number 12, Aliyah, from the selection process.

After seeing him try and ‘face his demons’, Chris and Foxy asked Levi about his past, and why he was taking part in the brutal reality series.

‘I had a bit of a tragedy in 2013, and I’ve been trying to rebuild myself back since then,’ he began.

Levi went on to explain his brother had died that year, and he went home to find paramedics performing CPR on him after his heart stopped.

The DS are putting the remaining recruits through their paces (Picture: PA)
Which recruits will make it to the end of the selection process? (Picture: PA)

‘That morning I left him, and he was fine, a healthy lad, and I think when someone like that passes, I think is where I lost myself, I didn’t have any footsteps to follow anymore,’ he said.

‘I was 23 at the time, I didn’t really care about myself anymore.

‘I became an alcoholic, used to wake-up, sort of shaking for a drink. I nearly lost my own life to be honest, through the drink.

‘I’m clawing back a part of me, and being here is me doing something for myself.’

With Foxy and Chris advising him to ‘stick with’ the selection process, knowing that Levi may find it difficult after an already tough start and failing to complete some of the tasks, the 34-year-old left saying: ‘I’m not giving up’.

SAS: Who Dares Wins airs Mondays at 9pm on Channel 4.