Scrabble launches new free browser game to rival Wordle
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 13
Can Scrabble become the new (and old) Wordle? (pic:

A new multiplayer version of Scrabble has been released for National Scrabble Day and its full of features for new and old players.

It may be 84 years old but, over the years, Scrabble has done impressively well in keeping up with modern trends and technology. Even so, the rights owners can’t be happy about the amount of press Wordle is getting lately, so they’ve decided to launch a new browser-based game you can play on PC and laptops.

Scrabble video games don’t always go down well with fans and while unofficial titles like have proven popular there was considerable upset a couple of years ago when .

Today, April 13, is National Scrabble Day and so a new online version of the game has been unveiled at , allowing you to play against anyone else around the world or to team up with them against the computer.

Other Scrabble video games have focused more on single-player gameplay or puzzle-solving, but this one is all about playing with other people.

As such, it has matchmaking options for a wide variety of skills, so you can quickly find someone else to play with that is close to your own ability.

There’s also lots of help for new players, including a blog and a forum where experts are on hand to give advice – or you can just refer to the official Scrabble Dictionary.

Unlike other would-be Wordle rivals, Scrabble isn’t a clone (obviously) but there are plans for an anagram solver, which will be a bit closer to the now familiar Wordle experience.

In the future, there are also plans for online tournaments that will allow others to spectate on high-level matches, with the new game clearly meant to be a new focus for Scrabble fans the world over.

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