Sex and the City star goes on hunger strike for Gaza outside the White House
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 28, 2023 - 06:01PM
Cynthia Nixon is on hunger strike as she joins those demanding a permanent ceasefire over the Israel – Hamas war (Picture: Getty)

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon has joined activists staging a hunger to demand US President Joe Biden calls for a permanent ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

Last week, , bringing a temporary halt to the devastating siege after weeks of bloodshed.

The 57-year-old beside five politicians, and reportedly explained that her two children are Jewish, while her grandparents are Holocaust survivors.

‘I have been asked by my son to use any voice I have to affirm as loudly as possible that never again means never again for everyone,’ she said, via .

‘In seven weeks Israel has Ki**ed more civilians on a tiny strip of land than was Ki**ed in 20 years of war in the entire country of Afghanistan.

The Sex and the City star spoke in Washington (Picture: Getty)

‘I am sick and tired of people explaining away by saying that civilian casualties are a routine toll of war. There is nothing routine about these figures. There is nothing routine about these deaths.’

Cynthia, who previously ran for mayor of New York, is thought to have added: ‘I would like to make a personal plea to a president who has, himself, experienced such devastating personal loss, to connect with that empathy for which he is so well known and to look at the children of Gaza and imagine that they were his children.’

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The hunger strike was launched on Monday to coincide with the original end of the ceasefire – before it was extended for two days.

However, Sky News reports that the And Just Like That star revealed she would be ending hers today over work commitments in New York.

She demanded that President Joe Biden called for a permanent ceasefire to end the bloodshed (Picture: Getty)

Unrest has continued to grow in Palestine after Hamas launched an attack on Israel on October 7.

The tensions have escalated amid retaliatory attacks, with the Gazan health officials recently reporting that the Palestinian death toll had passed 14,500.

The UN stated that 231 Palestinians. including 59 children, have been Ki**ed in the West Bank since fighting began.

Israel and Hamas confirmed a brief truce and the release of some hostages last week, before agreed to extend their ceasefire until Wednesday.

Despite this, both have reportedly accused each other of violating their agreement – but their claims have yet to be independently verified.