Sex Pistols’ John Lydon says reaction to him after Pistol miniseries has been ‘very favourable’ as he slams ‘fake wannabes’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 30
John Lydon has received good reactions from fans after watching Pistol (Picture: Disney+ / REX)

John Lydon has had his say on the Sex Pistols miniseries, revealing that the reaction from fans towards him has been very positive. 

The singer, 66, had been vocally opposed to Danny Boyle’s biopic of the British punk band, but revealed that fans had been on his side after the footage aired. 

He told on his TalkTV show Uncensored: ‘[The reaction has been] very, very favourable and pro me.

‘Because they know I was the one what wrote the songs and created the image, performed it live and had to live with the experience, whereas this bunch of fake wannabes are nothing like that and it’s quite laughable really.’

He added: ‘They know this is nonsense, it should never have happened – how can you cut out the songwriter and think you’re gonna do anything at all to make the world a better place?’

John had in the miniseries, with Judge Sir Anthony Mann found drummer Paul Cook and guitarist Steve Jones were entitled to invoke ‘majority voting rules’ against John in relation to the use of Sex Pistols material in the series under the terms of a band member agreement (BMA).

Johnny (left) had battled his Sex Pistols bandmates in court to try and stop the use of the band’s music in Pistol (Picture: Richard E. Aaron/Redferns)

The singer, who was better known as Johnny Rotten, has criticised the programme on several occasions and hailed it ‘’ he’s ever seen.

Director Danny recently told The One Show that he hoped Pistol would help change John’s opinion on the biopic after he watched it. 

Pistol charted the rise and fall of the band (Picture: Miya Mizuno/FX)

He explained: ‘I think it is a long shot [to change his mind]. Contrariness is a calling card really, so even if he liked it he will find a way not to. 

‘We hope he does because we think it’s very respectful.. and acknowledgement of his genius.’

Danny added: ‘He called me the other day, a Boyle on his bum, but we continue to pour the love at him.

‘What he has achieved in musical terms as a big music fan is a big thing for me.’

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