Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Aimee returns to scene of deadly fire which she narrowly escaped 
Posted by  badge Boss on May 22
Aimee Osbourne returned to the building after the fire (Picture: AP/Getty)

Aimee Osbourne has been spotted returning to the recording studio where she was involved in a fire, in which one man was Ki**ed. 

The singer, 38, who is the daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, and her record producer 

Both were treated for smoke inhalation while another man, who has now been named as 26-year-old Nathan Avery Edwards, who goes by Avery Drift, was found dead in the building after the fire was put out. 

Aimee was seen standing outside the charred building in Los Angeles on Friday, where she hugged rapper Jamal Rajad Davis, who raised the alarm, allowing her to get to safety. 

A comment on Sharon’s post about the tragedy revealed that Aimee almost had to jump out of a second-floor window to escape, but thankfully was able to leave the building another way.

It is unclear how the fire started, however it was later revealed the 100-year-old building did not have a sprinkler system. 

Aimee and Jamal Rajad Davis were seen outside the building (Picture: AP)
She thanked him for helping her escape the blaze (Picture: AP)
It took 78 firefighters to get the fire under control (Picture: AP)
The building trapped the heat and smoke due to the insulation and thick walls (Picture: AP)
Producer Avery Drift did not make it out alive (Picture: Eric Faison)

Aimee paid her condolences to Avery Drift on her Instagram story, writing: ‘[Avery Drift] is the young man that was unable to escape the fire with us yesterday.

‘I am still in complete & utter shock & finding it unbearable to sit still long enough to feel & comprehend that Avery did not make it out. 

‘If there was anything any of us could have done, we would have. I can’t piece the words together to describe how utterly terrifying yesterday was.’

She added: ‘I am sending all the love I have to Avery’s friends & family. Thank you so much to all the people that helped us yesterday. @mrpaine_ you saved mine and @adambravin life. We would not be here without you. Avery, you will not be forgotten.’ 

It took 78 firefighters almost an hour to get the blaze under control, partly due to the thick, soundproofed walls with extra insulation which held in the heat and smoke, accord to the Los Angeles Fire Department.