Sharon Osbourne makes shock claim about vile behaviour of men on her team
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 26, 2023 - 08:59PM
Sharon Osbourne spoke frankly in a new interview (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

revealed she’s fired men in the past for taking advantage of women on her team.

The 71-year-old – who has managed her since 1979 – added that one woman who has worked with her for a long time had been ‘abused and taken advantage of’ by men on her team.

‘Men take advantage. They always have and they always will,’ she said in a new interview.

Sharon added to : ‘The amount of men that have worked for me that have been looking for those young girls. [One employee] has worked for me 40 years and the times I have fired men taking advantage of her, abusing her and trying to ply her with drink.’

The star also told the outlet that she had to be ‘threatening’ to avoid finding herself being taken advantage of by men in the industry.

‘I’ve never wanted to be shown as vulnerable. When I started there were no other women managers in this genre,’ said Sharon, adding: ‘It’s tough. That’s why people go, “She’s so this, so that”. But you have to be, otherwise, people eat you up. It’s survival.’

Sharon has managed her 74-year-old husband Ozzy Osbourne since 1979 (Picture: Getty)

It comes after for Ozzy when he was honoured with the icon award.

Ozzy – the publication’s latest cover star and Black Sabbath legend – couldn’t be at the event due to something ‘cropping up’, but his wife of 40 years accepted the accolade in his place.

As she did, Sharon gave an emotional speech and explained how it was ‘f**ked up’ the rock n’ roll legend couldn’t be there to pick up the award himself.

It comes after Sharon took the reins at Thursday’s Rolling Stone UK Awards for Ozzy when he was honoured with the icon award (Picture: Getty)

Since a fall in 2019, . He’s been pictured using  since, and declared in September he would only endure one more surgery, and that was it – .

‘You’ve got me instead of the legend,’ Sharon began, then nodding to his recent cover star interview with the publication, continued: ‘Rolling Stone UK you have no idea what it means as an artist to be on the cover of Rolling Stone.

‘I can remember when Ozzy first got the cover, he said: “Does this mean I’ve made it now?” And I’m like, yeah, I think so.’