Simon Cowell illness claims on Britain’s Got Talent slammed as ‘rubbish’
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 04
Simon Cowell is currently filming the audition stage of the competition (Picture: Thames/Dymond/Shutterstock)

Claims that was forced to have pulled out of judging the new round of auditions due to illness have been slammed as ‘rubbish’.

It was claimed that missed a number of the auditions for the upcoming season after being struck with a debilitating headache.

Simon joined, and , along with hosts and at the London Palladium for filming.

The judge was said to have suffered a migraine and forced to leave, with nobody to fill his place for the day of auditions.

However, an insider has told that the report in is ‘completely over-exaggerated rubbish that’s deliverately overspun’.

The source continued: ‘He wasn’t filming last week at all anyway. The week before he filmed the entire week but on Wednesday very late evening Simon had a migraine from the bright filming lights and missed just two acts at the very end of the day. He returned to filming the next day and for the rest of the week.’

The bright stage lights had given him a migraine after the long day, forcing him to leave early, but Simon returned the next day, feeling fit and well once more.

The cast had been filming all day under bright lights (Credits: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock)
Simon suffered from a migraine forcing him to leave early (Picture: Thames/Dymond/Shutterstock)

‘Simon was due to film as normal but he started to feel unwell,’ a source claimed to the Daily Star, adding: ‘After some deliberation, he told everyone he was unable to take part in filming.

‘To say he was frustrated was an understatement. Simon loves making Britain’s Got Talent, so he was annoyed that he had to miss filming.’

Even if Simon had to step away, it seems is gearing up to take over as he gave his opinion on an act while attending the auditions.

According to an onlooker he didn’t need to be told twice, as

He only missed two acts at the end of the day (Picture: Dymond/Thames/Shutterstock)
But thankfully returned the next day having recovered (Picture: Rex)

‘I didn’t really like the first bit, but I liked the second bit,’ he reportedly told the choir, who were auditioning for the show – a twist on the classic compliment sandwich technique.

Just last month, the who attempted to ‘get backstage’ to see the judges, resulting in the police being called.

The unidentified woman, who was pictured with her hood up, allegedly tried to ‘sneak’ past security and trespass into the restricted area.

A Met Police spokesman said: ‘Police were called at 1.23 pm today to reports of a woman suffering a mental health crisis at Argyll Street, W1.

‘Officers and London Ambulance Service attended. The woman was assisted by officers who made arrangements for her to be met by a family member. There were no offences.’ has contacted Britain’s Got Talent and Simon’s reps for comment.

Britain’s Got Talent will return on ITV later this year.