Stalker who broke into Ariana Grande’s home nearly 100 times handed hefty ban
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 13
Ariana Grande’s stalker has been handed a heavy ban (Picture: Getty)

A man who broke into ’s home almost 100 times has pleaded guilty to charges of stalking, residential burglary and making criminal threats.

Aharon Zebulun Brown admitted the charges stemming from incidents in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles County dating from 2021.

He is now facing three years and eight months in a California state prison ahead of his sentencing.

It has been reported that Santa Barbara County District D.A. John T. Savrnoch confirmed the sentence in a statement released on Thursday (January 11).

As per , it was stated that Brown will be banned from having any contact with the pop star, 30, for 10 years following his release from jail.

Brown is believed to have forced his way into Grande’s home more than 92 times between February 2021 and September 2021 and she was granted a five-year restraining order in a bid to keep him away from her.

A man tried to gain entry to the pop star’s home 100 times (Picture: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

However, he’s said to have breached the order and another break-in occurred in June 2022 when he was found by police hiding in the crawlspace underneath the singer’s home in Montecito, California.

Grande was not at home at the time of the incident.

At the time she applied for the original restraining order, Grande stated to the court that she was ‘terrified’ of Brown and his obsessive behaviour.

In a written statement, Grande claimed Brown had gone to her property ‘nearly every day and sometimes multiple times a day.’

She added: ‘The fact that Mr Brown has been regularly coming to my home for over six months terrifies me.

‘Based on his threats, I am fearful for my safety and for the safety of my family. I fear that absent a restraining order, Mr Brown will continue to come to my home and attempt to physically harm or murder me or members of my family.’

Brown will be sentenced in May.

Meanwhile, after three years with what will inevitably be a chart-topping single,

After three years, Grande is back with new music (Picture: YouTube)
She delivers killer choreography in the music video for Yes, And? (Picture: YouTube)
Grande hasn’t released a solo single since her Positions era in 2020 (Picture: YouTube)
Fans are eagerly awaiting a new album (Picture: YouTube)

Released this Friday (January 12), the Grammy winner left fans aghast with her latest pop tune, with lyrics not-so-subtly calling out malicious headlines and gossip.

Her first single since her 2020 Positions era, Yes, And? includes lyrics such as, ‘In case you haven’t noticed, well, everybody’s tired,’ and ‘Boy, come on put your lipstick on.’

Grande also encourages her haters to ‘say it with your chest’ and pokes fun at the obsession with

As for the music video, it sees Grande get her groove on, showcasing her best dance skills surrounded by a group of jaded industry folks who initially have a lot to say, but quickly become captivated by her charm after entering The Loft.

Directed by Christian Breslauer, the music video has been hailed as a middle finger to Grande’s trolls, as she delivers sassy choreography with a shrug and a smile.