Stars of hit Channel 4 TV show become embroiled in public fight
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 15, 2023 - 05:36AM
The Married At First Sight cast members have never got along (Picture: Matt Monfredi / Channel 4)

UK stars and have made no secret of the fact but now their disdain for each other has reportedly been

Things reached when the grooms from the got into a physical altercation at brand PrettyLittleThing’s party according to an onlooker.

‘It was really shocking for everyone at the event to witness,’ the source recalled.

‘Jordan and Luke really brought down the tone of the evening.’

The source claimed to the that they started off standing at opposite sides of the room, but after a drink was thrown.

‘Luke ended up soaking wet after Jordan threw a drink over him, which caused a big commotion among guests.

‘Luke ended up soaking wet’ (Picture: E4)

‘Jordan and Luke started throwing punches at each other before being separated… and Jordan left soon after it happened.’

Neither have directly addressed the reports. Instead Jordan shared a snap of the party on Instagram stories and wrote: ‘Great party πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚.’

Luke and Jordan don’t see eye-to-eye (Picture: E4)
Jordan called it a ‘great night’ (Picture: Instagram/Jordan Gayle)

Luke, 31, was axed from MAFS after he stormed into Jordan’s apartment, and became aggressive. The intrusion came after he felt Jordan, 26, had bad-mouthed him to his ‘wife’ Jay Howard.

This all transpired after Luke was asked if he would cheat if he could do it without getting caught on a grooms’ day out.

He said: ‘All of us here, if I was to say to you you 100% will not get caught if you robbed a bank and got Β£10million, you would go out and rob a bank.’

This was communicated back to Jay, who was upset which led to Luke confronting Jordan about how he presented the information.

Before Luke, and therefore Jay, 31, were thrown out of the experiment, he apologised but Jordan decided not to accept.

The bad energy between the pair continued long after filming stopped, with the pair since deciding they’d settle the score in an official boxing match.

The reality stars will be fighting each other at the Indigo at the O2 in London on February 9.

Jordan and Erica have remained together (Picture: Instagram/Erica Roberts)
Jay and Luke parted ways after the experiment (Picture: Si Johns / CPL / Channel 4)

Firmly in Jordan’s corner is Erica Roberts, who he met on the series on strangers before instantly getting married.

Although the ceremony is not legally binding, the couples are sent off on honeymoon before moving in together and taking part in weekly couple counselling. Since leaving they’ve continued to make it work as a couple even taking the ultimate step – going on a date to Winter Wonderland.

‘Here we go πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘,’ wrote Erica in response to the announcement.

Luke is no longer with his partner Jay despite leaving the experiment together.

‘To this day I feel we both don’t really know what went wrong,’ Luke shared on Instagram.

Although, they are now on good terms: ‘I’m thankful for Jay for being there when I needed her, she has always been supportive throughout and since the experiment. She is a true gift that lights up any room.’ contacted Luke’s representatives for comment.

Married at First Sight is available to watch on Channel 4.