Strictly star causes injury in live blunder after ‘breaking partner’s toes’
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 22, 2023 - 11:09AM
Strictly’s Ellie Leach accidentally punched partner Vito Coppola in the mouth (Picture: BBC)

2023 star got a little over-excited after her performance on Saturday… and ended up injuring her dance partner in the process.

The actress, 22, impressed the judges and the audience with her passionate paso doble to .

Judge said their ‘partnership is on fire’ and they ‘excelled’ themselves, while fellow judge praised them for doing the difficult steps with ‘flair and style’.

added: ‘Sometimes you get a moment where everything is just right… and that was the moment.’

However, as they were left jumping for joy while being awarded 37 points, things took a turn with Vito left in a little pain.

And it wasn’t for the first time this week, as Ellie revealed their ‘mishaps’ during training.

‘Vito kept saying you need to be strong and I think at some point I was a little too strong and broke a few of his toes,’ she confessed.

Ellie left Vito with a fourth injury this week (Picture: BBC)
The Strictly star accidentally punched him in celebration of their score (Picture: BBC)

‘Three times!’ he clarified.

Laughing, Ellie quipped back: ‘Well he did say everything comes in threes, so you asked for it!’

But it turns out, things come in fours these days, as Claudia Winkleman teased after Ellie injured Vito again.

‘I’ve injured him again!’ Ellie apologised, as Vito was left looking in pain, holding his mouth.

Poor Vito! (Picture: BBC)
‘I’ve injured him again!’ (Picture: BBC)

This comes after Ellie admitted , in an exclusive interview with

She told us: ‘I had some blisters but they’re healing pretty well. My body is just tired, we’re dancing all day every day, so yeah, it’s bound to be tiring.’

Vito chimed in: ‘I like to hear this because when we first started she had such smooth feet.

‘I said, “your feet are so beautiful, they’re going to hurt you a little bit.”

‘And now there’s some blisters and callouses, so they’re stronger. You don’t feel as much pain because they’re not so sensitive.’

He added it was part of her ‘transformation’ into a dancer.

Strictly Come Dancing continues tonight (Sunday, October 22) at 7.15pm on BBC One.