Strictly viewers ‘sobbing’ over Amy Dowden’s joyous return to dancefloor in final
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 16, 2023 - 09:51PM
Amy Dowden has returned to the Strictly Come Dancing dancefloor (Picture: BBC)

viewers have been left ‘absolutely sobbing’ after seeing return to the dancefloor during the final.

The 33-year-old professional dancer was diagnosed with  in May and had to pull out of this season , which included a mastectomy and chemotherapy.

Last month she was able to ring the cancer bell which is something cancer patients often do in order to signify .

At the time, that she ‘relief like no other’.

Now, after experiencing what she previously labelled the ‘toughest year of my life’, Amy the Strictly dancefloor.

On Saturday night, the finale opened with a group number by all of the show’s professional dancers, with Amy a surprising addition.

She appeared in a group performance with the other professionals during the finale (Picture: BBC)

The centre of the group, the camera zoomed in on Amy as her role in the performance was revealed.

Those watching on at home were emotional seeing her return.

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‘Wonderful to see the beautiful Amy Dowden back dancing. The Strictly Come Dancing final just got even better,’ Dawn McAvoy posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Kelly Crumpton wrote she was absolutely sobbing at the fact Amy is back dancing with the professionals for the final’.

Strictly viewers were emotional seeing Amy on screen again (Picture: X)
Many said it made the night (Picture: X)
The support for the professional dancer was immense (Picture: X)

‘Got goosebumps seeing Amy in the group number. She looked beautiful. It was amazing to see her dancing again with the rest of the professionals. It was like she had never been away,’ user Michelle wrote.

Amiey Lauren added: ‘It’s absolutely amazing to see Amy Dowden dancing in one of the group professional dances. Lovely to see her back on the dance floor!’

Some viewers said they were ‘sobbing’ (Picture: BBC)

However last week Amy when ringing the bell.

‘I find it mentally tougher now because I was seeing a doctor every other week, I had a routine. And I honestly thought that once I’d rung the bell I was going to be fine but actually , I’ve had a blood clot on my lung.’

She continued: ‘You’ve got to recover from chemo, I had eight tough rounds of it. 

‘Others think I’m fine now but no, the journey is not over.’

Amy had previously been paired with Brian Conley, Tom Fletcher, and Karim Zeroual who she made it all the way to the final with.

The latest season of the  dancing series will , with EastEnders actor Bobby Brazier going up against Coronation Street star  and Bad Education’s .

Strictly Come Dancing is streaming on BBC iPlayer.