Strictly’s Angela Scanlon had to bathe her feet in bleach for a particularly grim reason
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 13, 2023 - 09:53PM
Angela Scanlon reassured the bizarre tip left her ‘miraculously recovered’ (Picture: Mike Marsland/WireImage)

star has revealed she had to bathe her feet in bleach.

But despite that sounding pretty hazardous, the presenter and host assured it caused a ‘miraculous recovery’.

Angela, who found herself with a ‘grim’ blister infection after more than four weeks of training, has revealed her mum’s tip to recovery.

In an exclusive chat with, the 39-year-old told us: ‘I’ve had a miraculous recovery.

‘I had a blister infection last week, which was pretty grim, but actually my mum was over from Ireland and she gave me a tip which sounds kind of medieval!

‘I basically have been bathing my feet in a gentle-level bleach.’

Angela had a pretty ‘grim’ infection after weeks of training (Picture: PA)
She’s now able to push her feet further than before, thanks to her mum’s ‘medieval’ tip (Picture: PA)

She went on: ‘Actually, it’s worked a treat!’

Angela added she was not expecting it to work but was at a point where she’d try anything, and was pleasantly surprised to find she can now push her feet further in training.

Ellie Leach’s blistered feet are actually a good sign

Mum-of-two Angela isn’t the only one whose noticed a different in her feet either, as also admitted her feet are much harder, much to the delight of her dance partner .

She told us: ‘I had some blisters but they’re healing pretty well. My body is just tired, we’re dancing all day every day, so yeah, it’s bound to be tiring.’

Strictly star Ellie Leach is also celebrating her hardened feet (Picture: PA)

Vito chimed in: ‘I like to hear this because when we first started she had such smooth feet.

‘I said, “your feet are so beautiful, they’re going to hurt you a little bit.”

‘And now there’s some blisters and callouses, so they’re stronger. You don’t feel as much pain because they’re not so sensitive.’

He added it was part of her ‘transformation’ into a dancer.

Annabel Croft’s tennis-player feet are proving to be even more beneficial on Strictly

Meanwhile, Annabel Croft’s dance partner Johannes Radebe couldn’t help but praise her feet, especially after being light on her toes in her career as a tennis player.

The former number one wsa praised by her co-star, who told us: ‘The beautiful thing is that she’s not scared to cover the floor, as we’d say in dancing.

Johannes Radebe has been left more than impressed with Annabel Croft’s (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

‘We have to say thank you to your art form, your sport, it really has helped.

‘When we do that jive and bounce around, you can see.’

Amanda added: ‘Yeah, that’s true because tennis is very much up on your toes, meaning your balance going forward and I still have to do that more in this one.

‘But I guess there’s similarities in the footwork and being light on your feet.’

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6.30pm on BBC One.